Monday, July 14, 2014

Virtual Garden Tour

Clever and witty and hostess of the best family dinner discussions under the sun, Common Household Mom also gardens!  She's organized a Virtual Garden Tour over at her blog, Deep Thoughts of a Common Household Mom.  You can dig into all kinds of garden walks over there, but before you leave, take a stroll with me around this place.

 We've got a prairie about a week from blooming well, but you can see the spots of early black-eyed susans, ox-eye sunflowers and bee balm.

 Around the corner, we're between blooms--some balloon flowers are hanging on, the lilies haven't opened yet for the day (lazy, aren't they?), the coneflowers are getting started.

In the back yard I favor "hot colors" like orange, yellow and red.  Tropical Wisconsin.

Then just around the corner, everything is WHITE.  Peaceful in this shady glade, newly extended with hostas and ferns donated from my aunt and uncle.

Then white daisies merge with all kinds of colors from lilies, delphiniums and phlox.

This is my newest addition: my dad helped fence around my vegetable garden!

Pretty orderly in here.  The back third didn't get planted, but next year we'll expand into it. 
In the back you see asparagus, in front are peas, lettuce, spinach, blueberry bushes and some weeds.
To the back right is a raised bed of strawberries and rhubarb, up front we planted peppers (also pathetic this cold summer), onions, beans, tomatoes and basil.  The flags prevent my staff from accidents while weeding.
My front bed took all the squash, zucchini, broccoli and the bulk of tomatoes.
That berm behind it has really looked great all spring and summer.
Naturally we have volunteers sprouting from the compost bin.
The front porch is my absolute favorite hangout.  I replanted this front strip a couple of years ago with perennials because I got sick of fighting the weeds.  Now I can just enjoy it and pluck the occasional dandelion.

Our hollyhocks first opened two days ago and that clematis will hopefully trellis across the path someday.

A great year for lavender.
Another volunteer squash or pumpkin sprouted by the door.  We're curious to see what it will bear.
Raspberry picking started last week.

We're about a month out from pear season.
And finally, the shed/ginormous man-cave--all we did was hard-scape last year with grass and some trees.  It looks okay, but in a year or two I'd like to plant something along the edge of the building.  We laid down mulch and I'm waiting for inspiration.  Any suggestions, reader?
Remember, more Virtual Garden Tour can be found at Deep Thoughts of a Common Household Mom!

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  1. Lavender!? What type? I haven't found any that can survive winter here!

    You've shown some photos of your garden before, but it was nice to see how it flows --also that is such a fabulous veggie garden now, with that fence. How is the greenhouse?

  2. Gotta say, I'm mighty jealous. With the knee injury, I haven't been able to kneel since May 6, which means I can do very little in the garden. It shows. Desperately.
    One day, when my knee is healed and my flower-bed loving dog dies, I want you to come down and help me plan our landscaping. We basically have none, and I love yours.
    Everything looks great.

  3. Love the the patch of daisies! I know you are loving time spent in your garden this summer :-)

  4. This is all so wonderful. I think I am especially fond of your porch area. I love the bird chapels! And the volunteer squash/pumpkins in the compost bin and right by the front door.

    I like all the red things. The flowers seem unusual and interesting to me - I can't name any of them. The red flags to alert the staff (you have staff?!) are probably just what I need for my toddler green onions. And those raspberries. Yum!

  5. I love it all! The fenced-in veggie garden looks great.

  6. You have a wonderful place, I'm very envious of the vegetable garden it's so huge! And all the lovely colour you have in the garden is so pretty.

  7. This is so fabulous! I am so excited to make my way around the garden tour today. You have a wonderful garden of edibles and beautifuls. XO!

  8. Your gardens are dreamy! I love that you grow so many varieties - delphiniums, hollyhocks, daisies, lilies, something awesome everywhere you turn. And the veggies - I'm totally jealous. In my current space, I'm surrounded by concrete.

    Hoping your loving your summer so far. Can't wait to see what your volunteers produce!

  9. HOLY CATS, wow!!!!! All that and vegetables too....and pears?!

  10. This is garden heaven right here.

  11. Wonderful! My raspberries are doing well this year. I've chased a few birds out of the patch, but I don't begrudge the mama cardinal her berries. She and her mate entertain us all season long.

  12. I can't decide which part I like best- I suppose I'm more envious of your raised beds, homesick over your prairie, but my favorite is your front porch, particularly the height, variation of color, and natural look to your plantings. Beautiful!


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