Monday, August 18, 2014

a poetry winner, one naughty kitten, two terrible cats

The winner of Time's Mirrored Illusion by Nina Romano is a poetry lover and a potter who influenced my attitude about Cooperstown, NY today:


Congratulations, Gary!  I'll get Nina's book in the mail to you you tomorrow!  Pretty cool how I just won a pot made by Gary and HE just won poetry.  More fun facts about Gary, he's a clever sculptor and sketcher, too.  He's wild about animals and is the rare person who likes both dogs AND cats.

Let's be honest, most folks sway one way or the other.  I'm a cat person myself.  Cats are more self-reliant and discerning creatures.  You don't choose to pet a cat, a cat allows you to pet it.  Dribble enough kibble in the dish and you can leave a cat alone for a long weekend, enjoying the beach or slot machines or room service without care.  Dogs, on the other hand, are needy, whorish creatures.  They love on anyone who shows them the slightest bit of attention, desperately seeking praise and food at every opportunity.  I never heard of anyone able to leave their dog home alone for more than a day without worrying about its welfare or their carpet.  To his credit, Jax doesn't exhibit many of the behaviors I loathe in the canine species.  He doesn't sniff crotches, poop all over the yard or slobber.  But he does drop the frequent deuce in my path and he refuses to hunt mice, bark at strangers in our driveway or keep rabbits out of the garden.  Helpless and unhelpful, bless his heart. 

Unlike the dog, Rose will earn her keep.  We have three house rules for Rose (no jumping on kitchen table or counters, no digging in houseplants, no clawing furniture) and she breaks them daily.  They're not HARD rules (it's not like Team Testosterone gets to do these things), but she's struggling.  I prowl behind her with the water bottle ready to spritz, but she is sneaky.  Always with the infractions, that cat.  Perhaps it's a kitten thing, her energy and curiosity, eventually we'll direct that energy into killing mice. We've brought her outside every day to introduce her to the Great Mouse Buffet (AKA our yard), but she's intent on chasing butterflies and her tail.  She nibbles grass and studies ants.  One of these days she'll clue in and get down to business.  I hope.  Regardless, a cat trumps a squirrel as a pet, right?

Speaking of cats, I have a friend with two cats, the likes of whom I hope never meet Rose because they'd be horrible influences on her, what with their cigarettes and gin and driving without licenses.  Have you heard of my friend Pearl?  She's a riot and a writer from the Twin Cities.  We're down to two weeks of summer and two more book giveaways, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  Laughing's better, so this week's lucky winner will get TWO books, both bound to make you laugh:

How can you get your grubby hands on these fine books by my friend Pearl?  Every comment between now and next Monday is a chance to win.

Spill it.  Are you a cat or dog person?

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  1. YAY for GARY! What goes around comes around!

    I'm not a dog or cat person because ACHOOOOO! But I like both!

  2. Congrats to Gary!

    I do love cats very much (although I've met a cat here and there that I did not like --they're not all saints like Rose :-) ). I've found that I really like other people's dogs, but they are a lot more work than cats, and I'm not at a point in my life where I feel like the reward is balanced by the work.

  3. Never thought I was a rare person but guess I am. I swing both ways ;D I mean cat and dog lover, that's what I am. I have new kitties and a dog. I'd really like to get another dog "two" ;D

    But living in the city makes it difficult to have a zoo in my abode ;D maybe one day I'll live in the country.

  4. I like dogs and cats equally, as long as they are outside and not all up in my business. Unless you're talking kittens and puppies. I'll cuddle with them all the live long day.
    Yes, a naughty, sneaky cat is better than a squirrel.
    Pearl is hilarious. Her blog always makes me smile.

  5. Congratulations to Gary!
    I am most definitely a cat person, although Cleopatra spent the night outside last night and I kept getting up and calling for her. Drove me nuts! I'd love to read about Pearl's cats. :)

  6. I am TOTALLY a dog how unconditional their love is given. Cats are way too sneaky for me.

  7. On the surface, I am clearly a cat person. However, I also LOVE dogs...and goats...and llamas....especially llamas. I need a farm. Three cheers for Gary's win!

  8. I am a high fan of Pearl's and have her first book-- It's a total crack up and I love the way she tells a story.

    I used to have three cats but never considered myself a cat lover which I suppose that means I'm a dog fan. But-- I doubt one is in my future. We're in a neighborhood where you have to walk your dog which means the dreaded "poop bag" and well, that's not going to happen ;-)

    Hope you are having a fantastic summer and the kids are excited for school.

    xo jj

  9. I am, in general, quite fond of cats, although we do not have any furry pets. I was okay with dogs, (but not really fond of them) until the dog of one of my closest friends bit me, without provocation. Now I am just terrified of dogs. I am like the sheep in the movie "Babe" and bleat and try to hide whenever I see a dog. I hope that all dog owners will be sensitive to my plight and have their dog on a leash when the dog is out and about.

  10. I was voted most destined to become crazy cat lady amongst my college friends, who suspect I may have been abducted by alien to marry an allergic to cats, dyed in the wool dog guy.

    Which explains why we have a snake. Something happens to Pat, I'm getting a cat the next day. My family has already named it "next pat cat".

  11. Oh man...I hate this question because I'm neither. I'm not a pet person. I know, I know, you instantly assume I'm a soul-less curmudgeon, but I swear I'm not. I'm allergic to most animal fur. So, I just didn't grow up with pets and I never really got into them.

    I haven't even read Pearl's books about her crazy cats. But from what I've read on her blog, I can see how those devilish characters would inspire someone to steer clear of cats. That's for sure.

  12. I was attacked by a German Shepard when I was 4 so I have been afraid of dogs most of my life. I have had 4 cats, one at a time and 3 of them lived about 15 years.

    I am now doggy grandma for my daughter's dog for about 6 hours a day and WHEW that little guy is a lot of work. He's a total attention whore, but I cut him slack because he was a rescue that has had a tough first 2 years of life.

    He wants to be friends with the cat but she is snubbing him and hissing constantly and he chases her and she is NOT amused. Today I bought a pet gate to keep them in opposite ends of the apartment.

  13. I am 110% a dog person. They may be needy and worrisome like a small child, but have you ever met any other pet that would give you its full love and devotion like a dog? Deemed man or in this case women's best friend I have found only dogs give you the kind of love one hopes from a pet; having experience in owning both dogs and cats throughout my life. Dogs are in our lives for a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, but to a dog you are its entire life and from what I have experienced they are more than content with that fact.

  14. Am I unusual in that I quite like both? We had dogs when I was a child but given that my mum prefers her dogs to her family I'm sort of swayed towards cats now! However all we have is guinea pigs!

  15. HOLY CATS it is ME memememe!!!!!! WOWIE thanks! :)
    Speaking of cats, today's post is all about Spike and me....

  16. I like dogs but I am 110% CAT PERSON. I'd have a bunch more cats, if only the husband wouldn't freak out.


    ALL THE CATS!!!!

    not dogs. They are stoopid. Can't be left alone. No use for them.

    Cats are tidy and smart and trustworthy. They CHOOSE to love you, they are not simple minded like canines. They snuggle with you, and don't take up too much room in the bed. (Try that with a large dog!)

    My kittahs LOOVE me! And I love them.

  18. Dogs are okay, but I love my kitty!

  19. Peggy's one of the few people who gets me interested in cats. Turns out I like them better when they're smoking and drinking, like Liza Bean.


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