Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ANOTHER winner--but wait, there's more!

First, I apologize for this late giveaway--it should have happened Monday.  I've been putting out fires of both the literal and metaphorical variety (the literal:  what do you get when you mix five boys, firecrackers from the gas station and a really dry white pine?).  We're fine, nothing to fret about, I'm back.  The chaos can sit on the back burner while I catch up here.

Now, for the WINNER of Suzanne Casamento's YA novel Fingerprints



Congratulations, CHM!  Maybe your daughter will enjoy this book, too?  You know the drill, email me your mailing address and I'll mail your book to your lap.  Happy reading!  For those of you unfamiliar with Common Household Mom's blog, you need to leave and check her out.  She's got humor of, um, Biblical proportions. Seriously funny woman.

I was in Iowa over the weekend.  My children jumped off a bridge into a creek with their cousins.  I sat on my MIL's porch and felt the wind in my hair, appreciating the quietness to her homestead unique to rural cornfields.  The Momvan got super dusty on the dirt road.  We ate hashbrowns fried in bacon grease with onions.  I forgot to take a photo of the view--acres and acres of corn in every direction.  It's beautiful in its own way, this undulating sea of green.  And we enjoyed catching up with family and friends during our whirlwind visit (there on Saturday, back on Sunday).

Iowa has some poetry about it, nestled between the ditches filled with prairie flowers and the shabby old towns where half the buildings are shuttered and closed.  Speaking of poetry, my next giveaway is a collection ...

This little collection is delicious--and don't fear, poetry-phobes!  It's also accessible poetry.  Nina Romano writes about regular things, like fireflies and going out to eat, but she does so in the most gorgeous language.  How do I know?  I helped edit this collection, so I read it intimately and well.  I'm sending an autographed copy of Time's Mirrored Illusion by Nina Romano to one lucky winner.  Each comment in the comment box between now and Monday is a chance to win. Whose life wouldn't benefit from a splash of poetry?  Want a sampling?  Nina's blog offers poetry and recipes.

I admit to being intimidated by poetry sometimes, the long stuff by guys like Walt Whitman can cause a struggle.  The obscure stuff makes me feel stupid.  The over-rhymed stuff can be stupid.  But I've read a lot of poetry that sings to my soul and makes me feel enlightened, newly aware, even a bit awed.  Guys like Pablo Neruda and Billy Collins, gals like Gwendolyn Brooks and Anne Waldman.  Like blue jeans and swimsuits, you have to try on a lot of poets before you find the perfect fit. 

Spill it, reader.  Confess your true attitude about poetry. 

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  1. I love poetry! Not so much the long or romantic period kind, but more recent poetry? It makes my heart sing. We purchased books aimed at kids for Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Carl Sandburg to share with Emma. I still have a book of children's poetry that my parents gave me for a birthday when I was in elementary school, and I'll always remember my dad reading aloud T.S. Elliot's Practical Cats :-) Poems just yearn to be read aloud.

  2. Holy smoke! My jaw, it is dropped. I never win anything. But now I have! Thank you!

    You are right that you need to try lots of different poetry before you find the right fit for yourself.

  3. Congrats to Common Household Mom! Another chance to win! YAY!

    Accessible poetry! Perfect!

    Glad the fires are out. It sounds like a great weekend. And now I want bacon-y hashbrowns thankyouverymuch.

  4. I'm so with you in regards to poetry. It took me 'til my 40s before I started realizing everything I'd ever been asked or required to read wasn't all there was. For me, it's poems that read "real" that resonate.

    New paragraph: I thought you'd written about the boys and firecrackers and fires, etc., that the other element was white WINE not, PINE. Whew.

  5. I've loved poetry since I was a little girl. Annabelle Lee was one of my favs..

  6. Oh, I love poetry. That is how I wooed my woman. I listen to Garrison Keillor every day on NPR with the WRITER'S ALMANAC. I will admit, though, that poetry is is like jello, though...somehow it holds together in a way you can't describe or understand, yet it is definately standing there in front of you :)

  7. I need some poetry in my life right now.

    I love Iowa. The openness. I miss the plains.

  8. I love poetry - but it has to be really good. My favorite poet is Gerald Manley Hopkins. I also like W B Yeats and T S Elliot.

    I really liked Richard Blanco's poem, "One Today", read at the 2013 presidential inauguration.

  9. Ok. I could totally go for those hashbrowns right now :-)

  10. I think Blogger just ate my comment :( so I'll try again...

    I adore poetry in many forms (even Jell-0, Gary!) and while I try my best with haiku, I'm actually better with free verse. Yes to Writer's Almanac, bacon-grease fried hash browns with onion, the waves of green corn fields, and the lovely photo on the cover of that book of poetry.

    Congratulations to Common Household Mom!

  11. I love poetry - reading it or writing it or teaching students to appreciate it. I have a second blog called A Mother's Garden of Verses - all poetry, all mine, as you can guess by the title. I update it periodically.
    As for the recent fire - did I ever tell you about the time my daughter and her other Intellectually Gifted friends started a fire in a bucket on my driveway? She still owes me a citronella candle.

  12. First, Yay for Common Househould Mom! I'm psyched she's getting my book. Second, thank you for giving it away!

    Iowa sounds amazingly beautiful. Now I want bacony, oniony hashbrowns. And I like a lot of poetry. I like to write poetry too. But it doesn't rhyme. Me attempting to rhyme would be that bad stuff you were referring to. ;)


Spill it, reader.