Friday, August 29, 2014

around the bend

We have 70 feet left of the Eagle Scout boardwalk project.  Today I bashed myself in the nose, had a board dropped on my right hand and my shoulders feel like a bruise from hunching over an impact screwdriver for the eleven-billionth day in a row.  Tomorrow we plan to finish.  I will videotape Mr. T drilling in the final board (feels kind of like the golden tie connecting the Transcontinental Railroad) and cheer wildly.

My greenhouse needs seeds and that is all.

We're entering BLT and Caprese Salad season around here.

We have a nest of garter snakes by our door and Team Testosterone caught three of them in buckets today to "study scientifically."  One snake is two feet long.  They've been released to their nest to continue feasting on mice and frogs and toads.

I'm full of recriminations and regret for leaving our Summer Bucket List half completed.  We never went to the Wisconsin Dells, Chicago or Door County.  We didn't camp, make s'mores or finish the library summer reading program.  So many missed opportunities.  So many high hopes for adventures I'd bring the children on, but instead we frittered away our time and I let random stuff take over our schedule.  Next year I vow we will leave town for a proper road trip, baseball and the rest of it be damned.  It makes me mad that we wasted this summer staying home, but no one else seems too upset.  The boys had fun riding their bikes around town, gathering friends and blowing their allowance at the gas station.

Tuesday everything changes, but before we get to that, I'm giving away a book on Monday.  A sly, funny book about deflowerment.  A book with pictures.  Each comment is a chance to win it.

Spill it, reader.  Any end of summer regrets?

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  1. I forced my dear husband to schedule a go-away vacation this year. If I don't, he'll fritter away the summer and stress out when football season begins and his TV job goes wild. We (Amigo and I) made all the arrangements and ordered tickets, etc. because we had been to our destination a few times already. No regrets there!

  2. 70 feet is a lot of Eagle Project. How long is the whole thing? Must be huge. I'm sorry you have been injured.

    That kind of summer sounds wonderful and easy-going.

    Can the cat help to control those snakes? I am shuddering.

  3. My end of summer regret is that summer and the perfect weather are soon to be replaced by snow and wind!

  4. I like that you're the kind of woman who takes a nest of snakes lightly.

    Hmmm. End-of-summer regrets? That it's over before I ever actually felt warm? That my flowers aren't lasting longer?

    Actually, it's probably that I didn't have more writing time. That's how it goes with kids around, though, yes?

  5. It. Went. Too. Fast.

    I think there is something to be said for taking it slow, staying home, and random stuff though. But still. I'm hankering for a proper vacation and now I'll have to settle for Some Future Date. :-)

  6. We didn't get in a beach trip and we didn't spend nearly enough time at the pool. One due to we ran out of time (stupid school start date the middle of August, I'm blaming you) and one because it's just been so chilly & grey (Polar vortex, I'm blaming you.)

  7. I don't have any summer regrets, but I am SO not ready for another winter. I need a really, really, really, long autumn. Maybe through December? And then spring could start in mid-Feb. That would work for me.

    I love having gartner snakes around --they're fun to hold, and fabulous for the garden. I can not imagine how long that boardwalk is! What a great way to wander through your woods.

  8. We didn't get a hiking trip this year and that bums me out. We keep having to postpone/cancel them because of expensive house repair projects. However, I DID go to Door County for the first time this year and I loved it there! (My inlays are in Appleton and my sister is in Milwaukee.) Oh, and that big petting zoo farm thing just outside Door County is heaven to an animal lover and crazy cat lady like me!

  9. I have been on a BLT kick this summer.....with tzadziki sauce instead of mayo/miracle whip. Oh my, it is so good...

  10. That sounds like a great summer. Most of the best moments take place at home.

    I have no summer regrets. Lots of learning, lots of writing, lots of growing. Good stuff. ;)


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