Friday, August 22, 2014

cats and numbers and stuff

Rose is about three in people years, which means she has become a Major Pain in the Ass.  Last night she went to bed soaking wet because she could not COULD NOT stop climbing the screen door and tormenting poor old Jax.  Then she kept jumping up on the kitchen table.  She would not be calmed by chin scratching or other positive attention.  No clever diversion tactic would work.  She was hell bent on being naughty and I could only aim the spray bottle at her and squeeze the trigger. 

You can calculate your cat's age here, which is how I know how old Rosie is today. 

Speaking of math, Jen was doing some counting in her head this week, which led me to figure out some numbers of my own.

Mr. T has about 650 feet of boardwalk to finish building for his Eagle Scout project.  His project involves 7,000 screws.  We've worked on it for about 10 hours so far, if you include planning and paperwork.  Mr. T also has to run about 3 miles a day to train for cross country.  He has zero more days of drivers ed. class remaining.

We have 6 birthdays to celebrate this month.

I helped 1 really angry and powerful ten-pound snapping turtle across a county highway yesterday and gave 5 toads an assist out of our pool.  I made 9 trips in the Momvan yesterday, chauffeuring Team Testosterone to their various activities and social engagements.

Mr. B and his BFF plan to make 2 sets of scuba gear, a plan involving rubber tubes, aluminum foil and duct tape, so they can explore a depth of 14 feet in a pond.  I gave 4 lectures about safety after hearing about their plan.

I'm giving away 2 books on Monday to 1 lucky winner out of my comment box.  You can win I Was Raised to Be A Lert and The Second Book of Pearl: The Cats by Pearl Vork-Zambory

Spill it, reader.  Crunch some numbers.

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  1. Book me, baby.

    Also, you are a Ninja Turtle Superhero for helping a snapping turtle. Post photos of the boardwalk!

  2. Our cat Gwen is 19, which puts her in her 90s. Her behavior is exactly what you'd expect from a 90 year old woman who'd been very independent all her life.

    (So, after a driver's ed class, does T have to take a test for a learning permit? We're still under age here, so I don't know the order of things.)

    I am 51. Over the last year I felt about 80. I'm down to about 60 now. I'd like to count down further!

    In 3 months Emma will be 14. In 4 to 6 more lessons she'll earn her green belt in Kempo.

  3. My husband and son just left on a 3000 mile journey. According to the cat calculator, Homer is 65.

  4. I just passed a huge turtle on our street. It is supposed to be over 100 degrees today and I keep wondering if he burnt his feet or got run over. I guess I'll see in a little bit when I go to the bus stop. :) I am too scared to pick him up. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. :)

  5. Fifty-one minutes until I am no longer on call. It has been a long day.

    How kind you are to help a snapping turtle! I would have been afraid.

  6. 37 minutes to decide and execute dinner plan. Yikes!

  7. 37 days until my Mom turns 80.
    35 months until I turn 60.
    8 months until my son turns 30.

    2 months until summer is OVER in Florida.
    October 15=ROCKTOBER. For the first time in
    8 years I am OVER SUMMER.
    100 degrees for 6 days and our heat index is supposed to be
    125 tomorrow!!!!

    1. I feel your pain. I can't wait for November. It's too hot. Way too hot.

  8. Only 4 soccer games this weekend.
    1 day until my youngest turns 5.
    I'll spend approximately 20 minutes crying about that fact.
    I have 2 hands waving in the air as I yell, pick me!!

  9. Cats and numbers: I just posted that very sort of thing for today! Well, just that Spike is a little beyond chubby..... and whoa, did you say 6 birthdays this month?

  10. I wonder if rabbits age along the same formula as cats? My number for today: 3 bunnies, one of which is mine. the other two are visiting while La Petite photographs a wedding and then packs to move to a new apartment.

  11. Oh, lots of driving. I love hearing that you helped a turtle! One of my great big sadnesses is that I once ran over a turle in the minivan (unavoidable and didn't know till it happened). So I am all about saving the rest.

  12. Here's my number crunch: every time I visit this blog and read about all your activities, I feel that I have ZERO going on in comparison!

  13. 24--hours of sleep I got this weekend to make up for the 3/24 I got on Wednesday. Feeling like myself!

  14. My goodness I didn't know a cat could be so naughty.

  15. I think it's 4 more cricket matches to the end of the season - hooray! But umpteen loads of washing and name label stitching before we're ready for "back to school"

  16. Hmm...I don't know about the cat calculator because it says that Henry who is 6 is 41 in people years. If so, he is the least mature 41 year old on the planet.

    2 - X-rays I have had this summer. 1 left hand in July, 1 right foot today.
    2 - X-rays I have had in my entire life. Guess I should be thankful I got this far without them or without breaking anything. Going to knock on some wood...
    3 days until I start my new college teaching job
    2 days until my flute comes back from the repairman. Whoohoo.
    1 day between the flute returning and my new college teaching job to practice so I don't sound like a 5th grader.

  17. Zero days left of drivers ed! WOAH! Watch out everyone! ;)
    That is some serious number crunching.
    I have 3 boys in football which leads to a total of 8 practices and 4 games a week.
    We have 6 full days of summer left before school starts.
    There were 16 huge turkeys in my front yard a few days ago.

  18. I love this post! And I'm very bad at math. Although thinking about it made me realize that the only thing I seem to do over and over is tweet. Huh.


Spill it, reader.