Friday, August 15, 2014


When looking to purchase "greenhouse seeds," you'll soon discover the influence of legalized pot--the first ten hits are sources for cannabis seeds.  I'm not growing any kind of weed in my greenhouse.  Have to dig a little deeper to find good seed sources.

I thought my right knee (the one that hurts) looked lumpy and wonky lately, but Mr. D informed me that it's always looked weird.  Huh.

Mr. B is selling cookie dough and cheesecakes for his football fundraiser.  Before I could step in with my buy out, he hit the streets and sold enough product that I'm forced to buy the balance to meet his minimum requirement.  While explaining how I'd rather just give all my money to his team and not split it with the fundraising company, I realized Mr. B was gung ho about selling because he thought he would get half the profit, his team the other half.  Needless to say, he was disappointed.

A scrap of ribbon tied around a rubber bracelet makes a great cat toy.  Rose is now big enough to jump up on a chair...and then onto the kitchen table.  A spray bottle of water makes a great deterrent to ambitious felines.

I knew there were a few patches of stinging nettle in my garden, so I've been religious about wearing gloves while weeding and picking.  The nasty rash on my ankles and shins reveals there's more hiding in my pumpkin/tomato garden.  Ouch!

There's a great giveaway and message over here!  I showed the video to my husband and sons who are fond of using the phrase "like a girl."  After years of me preaching about it, this finally sunk in (a little) (I hope).

Remember, I have an autographed copy of Time's Mirrored Illusion by Nina Romano to give away to one lucky winner.  Each comment is a chance to win!

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  1. Poor Mr. B!!!! I hate financial disappointments like that. Or any financial disappointment.

  2. Ooh, that is quite a lesson in corporate culture for Mr. B. And your discussion with him about your normal way of contributing must have extended the overall lesson. Poor guy.

    When I was in grad school, I lived in an attic apartment, where the walls slanted. In the living room, you couldn't really use furniture like chairs and couches, so I just sat on the floor and used cushions. When I got a kitten, that spray-bottle trick worked so well I could eat with my plate on the floor and the cat wouldn't even think about coming near my food :-) I like to keep cats off counters and tables as well --I'd rather eat as little pet hair as possible.

  3. You never know what you're going to get when you let google search seemingly normal words! It's an education for sure. :)
    Poor Mr. B. All that work...I choose to do buyouts, too. Thankfully, our school has done away with all selling. We used to do magazines, but even that is gone now, too. Happy, happy days!
    So is Rose there to stay?

  4. In solidarity with your knee, my neck looked wrinkly and weird, so I asked Laura if she thought so. "Don't worry, Mom!" (I started to feel better.) "It's been that way for a long time." (And then I felt stabby.)

    YES! Readers of Melissa's blog and books, click the giveaway link because holy moly BOOKS AND BOOK CLUB! Book club without leaving home! True story.

  5. Stop..make an appt. with an orthopedic specialist!

    I am so tired of fundraising..but with declining budgets it's seems the only way...

  6. Ah, google searches. Never search for "Dick's Sporting Goods" store unless you type in the entire name of the store.

  7. Ah, boys! Life is never dull. Sounds like end-of-summer at your house :)

  8. Pot seeds: will it be for sale in Agway in 20 years, and today's toddlers will wonder what the big deal was?

  9. I intensely dislike those fundraisers and the ways that the companies try to chick or pressure kids into selling.

  10. My left knee, which has always been my bad one, has always been a little lumpy & bumpy. It's also a challenge to properly shave. For reals.

  11. Score one for teaching in a virtual school -- no fundraisers. We don't even collect Box Tops. We teachers still write grants to help fund particular needs, but it is a nice change of atmosphere.

  12. Aww. Poor Mr. B. I really like his gumption, though! :)
    I think everyone has weird knees. Knees are weird in general. They all look a little odd. Same thing with feet.
    I LOVE that "like a girl" video. I have been showing it to everyone.

  13. I'm here to say that every time I come to your blog, I take a quick second to admire your FABULOUS knees in your header photo. Seriously. I think the're adorable, if it's possible for knees to be adorable.

    Also: I'm hooting that Mr. B thought he would get half of the proceeds from the fundraiser. LOVE that! Your approach of doing a buy-out is hugely appreciated by this mother who cannot stand fundraisers. Yes, just write the check, says I--to all things fundraising.

  14. My kids have been in Mr. B's shoes. We've been pretty lucky to age-out of most fundraisers but I really like your way of dealing with it.
    A scrap of paper tied to a long piece of string makes a great cat toy, especially if a boy walks around the house dragging it behind him.
    I live in WA, in a city of 200,000 people. I haven't seen a dispensary here BUT when I went back to my old stomping grounds last weekend (north of Seattle), I passed by 3 of them in a 3 mile stretch of road. My friend who lives there had no idea where they were (look for the green cross). I don't know why I know this, but I do know that it is dangerous to look up anything on the internet.

  15. Bummer about the stinging nettle. Rashes aren't fun. But pumpkins and tomatoes are! Yum!


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