Friday, August 8, 2014

five on friday

It's so green around here, despite the dry weather.  We found some Monarch caterpillars at last and the creek is full of frogs and crayfish.  And the birds singing!  Everything thrives in summer.

Crickets hum in the background all day and all night and I adore it.

Evening swims, floating on my back watching the clouds wisp past overhead.

A constant flow of boy traffic, steadily tracking mud and damp, leaving empty glasses and crumbs.  The yard is loud and happy.

A kitten who amuses herself and all of us with her antics--chasing her tail, attacking the newspaper, befuddled by the ceiling fan. 

Bonus:  Last night while watching a couple of episodes of Dr. Who, season 4, we realized we'd named the kitten after our favorite companion: Rose!  (I know, Amy and Rory also kick butt, but Rose has a soft spot in our hearts.)

Spill it, reader.  Blessings you've experienced this week.
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  1. Yes, Rose! Our favorite companion too.

    Watching squirrels play, dinner with my husband in San Francisco, a walk in crisp air this morning, talking for hours with a friend yesterday, and hoping to win Fingerprints.

  2. Having both sons around, Homer's back up to a solid 15 pounds, it's not quite so hot, I've decided on yet another road trip stop, and a visit from the nephew today.

  3. Lovely name for the kitten, my daughter's middle name too. We have at last completed on some business which was due to finish by 1st June, and everything has fallen into place - it's been tough waiting!

  4. It appears to be a day of bloggy gratitude, and I'll gladly join in again --dentists, pain meds, being able to chew real food instead of living on yogurt, music, drawing, my family.

    (Don't enter me in to the book drawing --I just won The Scarlett Wench from Jen, so we should spread the book-giving around to others!)

  5. We were thrilled to have a night off from high school soccer, and we took full advantage of it.
    There are so many creatures for your boys to enjoy in your own yard. I love it.

  6. Can I steal the Five on Friday? Can I? Three days into my personal blogging challenge and I'm stuck.....

    Here's one thing I'm grateful for -- even though it's only the second day of school I'm very grateful that it's Friday and the weekend is HERE.

  7. Byron and I keep saying we have to get into DR WHO. Your fanship serves as another recommendation. Right now, we're still reveling in episodes of SHERLOCK, however.

    I love the way you capture summer here. We're about to go pick raspberries and make pie this afternoon!

  8. I experienced many, many blessings this past week. We really enjoyed our trip to NYC, which included seeing college friends from many years ago. And now the prospect of marching band camp starting on MONDAY already!

  9. A wonderfully lazy few days unplugged in the most beautiful spot imaginable. And baby girl comes home tomorrow.

  10. Dr. Who must be on cable? I've never seen it.
    The thing I miss most about country living is the crickets and the stars.

  11. Your post is beautiful. Your home looks and sounds heavenly.

    I'm grateful for time with three adorable nieces, you, for doing a giveaway of my book, work, a stronger body and a happier soul.


Spill it, reader.