Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the results have been tallied

Congratulations to Cassi Renee on her BIG WIN!  Send me your mailing address and I Was Raised to Be A Lert and The Second Book of Pearl: The Cats by Pearl Vork-Zambory will be on their way for your reading pleasure!

I think Jax caught wind of my informal polling regarding dogs and cats.  The cats won the popularity poll in a landslide.  Was this landslide due to cats' superiority or due to the demographic polled?  I mean, there IS some bias among women of a certain age and frankly, anyone who has had to clean up after their own children for years isn't keen on cleaning up after an animal.  Cats self-clean, which totally gave them an edge in this particular contest.

Whatever the reason, Jax demonstrated his displeasure to me.  Beneath my clotheslines he left a token which I stepped into with bare feet while attempting to hang out laundry.  To his credit, the gift was fresh, even still warm.  Meanwhile, Rose purred and placed her dainty white paws on the edge of the window sill, heightening her usual aura of cuteness. 

And now, for my final giveaway of the summer, I present to you the source of much giggling during my stay in Concord this June.  Among the genius hailing from Massachusetts is the incomparable Edward Gorey.  I've admired his sly humor and skillful artwork for years, but I didn't know he poked fun at more than the macabre.  Marni presented each of us with this book:

This slim yet practical hardcover offers advice on the right thing to say when losing one's virginity in a variety of circumstances.

Here's a video blurb:

Say it with me:  deflowerment.

Now giggle.

Spill it, reader.  One archaic word we need to pull back into circulation.   (You totally thought I was going to ask about your deflowering, didn't you?  For shame!)

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  1. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the books!

    Not only do cats clean themselves, they bury their waste :-)

  2. I have been wracking my brains all day, trying to think of an archaic word that should not be archaic. I guess I haven't read enough Chaucer or Rabelais lately.

  3. I really want "fortnight" back in circulation.

  4. That is pretty damn funny, although the "last" give-away of the summer indicates summer is ending. So it ain't so! I'm going to propose an outdated use of a word: endeavor. We don't do this enough:

    "I shall endeavor to do my best with your dinner, darling." The other word I like that isn't used enough is trenchant. So firm in its many under-recognized possibilities!

  5. Words don't come to mind, but some names do, like Agnes, Francis, Ethel, Enid..... :)

  6. This book sounds AWESOME. I'm totally getting it for my sister for Christmas. Thank you! ;)

  7. I was JUST THRILLED today to receive the book of poetry I won from you last week THANK YOU and I have already thumbed through and randomly read a number of them plus her bio. Hogs and kisses! ps-she went to college HERE, how about that....

  8. I'm not sure if "verisimilitude" qualifies as archaic, but I quite like it.


Spill it, reader.