Sunday, September 28, 2014

cat gets mouse!

What an exciting week around here!  Rose officially became a mouser on Friday and since tasting fresh meat, she has a new passion.  It's kind of funny, though, as Jax follows her around every time we let her outside.  On one hand, it's nearly impossible for her to catch and eat a mouse when 80 pounds of panting, furry, galumping beast breathes down her neck.  Nothing subtle about good ol' Jax.  On the other hand, he's a bit chubby, so following her around provides him with vital exercise.  The trick seems to be sneaking her out the front door when he's at the back door.

Look at Rose with her first mouse!
 In other news, I enjoyed a second meeting with my rheumatologist since my pint o' blood got analyzed.  Turns out I do NOT have gout!  I DO have some weird genetic positivity for HLA-B27, which sounds robotic but not medieval like the gout diagnosis did. This business manifests itself in random joint swelling, in this case my right knee.  Two thirds of the small percentage of people who suffer from HLA-B27can get permanent relief with treatment.  He recommended a year of drug therapy which won't take effect for a couple of months.  Meanwhile, it's wait and see for me.  I'm sticking to low impact stuff, no running for now, but I can tolerate using the elliptical, bike riding and Just Dance 3.  This continues my kabash on karate for now, too.  Mr. T and I planned to return to the dojo this winter, hopefully my knee will respond and heal and I can return to regularly scheduled programming for another decade or so.

Shaking it down and OWNING the Monday night dance off with Team Testosterone.
 We cleaned out one garden this weekend and the pumpkin patch.  My hands and forearms are full of that goofy rash reaction I get to pumpkin/squash vines.  The mosquitoes are wretched, too, so my back, legs and arms are covered with itchy bites.   Such a gorgeous weekend from start to finish.  We watched the home team win the Homecoming football game Friday night (Go Happyland High!), enjoyed Mr. B's football game, Mr. G's flag football game, yard work and even picked some apples at the orchard down the road. 

Mr. G picked about 20 pounds of Cortland and MacIntosh apples.
I also had a fantastic opportunity to hear from the head of Awana International this weekend and the man who heads up Africa's Awana clubs--yeah, you read that right, AFRICA.  As in the entire continent.  Pretty awesome to learn how God is at work changing so many lives in radical ways.  And the NUMBERS.  It's jaw dropping to learn about the work our sister church in Burkina Faso has done, and how marvelously they've knitted together well digging and children's ministry and literacy and job training for people in the world's 3rd poorest nation.  It was also cool to learn now Awana has changed with the times and become a more effective ministry than ever as it creatively responds to the needs of people.

What else?  Mr. T set a new PR in cross country on Thursday night.  I'm swamped with papers to grade.  My students are nice people (just a few exceptions) and a pleasure to work with--a few crackerjack writers have emerged already, and the AP Language & Composition class has their first taste of real work as I've assigned Joseph Conrad's The Heart of Darkness this week.  That will be our only class novel, it's glorious for use of language, mood and narration.  After writing literary analysis essays about it in another week, they'll approach a synthesis writing assignment using the book, King Leopold's Ghost (nonfiction) and Apocalypse Now. 

Mice, pumpkins, new drug prescription, big stuff in Africa, papers to grade.  Yep, that about sums it up.  Spill it, reader.  What's new in your neck of the woods?


  1. OH GOSH, except for mosquitos, a perfect fall weekend for you, hmm? What is up here? Same as you, but maybe with fewer mosquitos :)

  2. We're getting cats as soon as our dog gets either too old to chase them or he dies. He and cats do not get along. Every one that came with the house were chased away. I need a mouser. Nice work Rose!

    Glad to hear you don't have an old, drunk man's disease. Hopefully you'll be back to normal in record speed.

    Sounds like you had the perfect fall weekend, except for the pesky bugs. You should get a bat house. They'll take care of the mosquitoes real quick.

    Have a great week with your students!

  3. Busy weekend, Lady!
    We had a doggy with a 7 day bout of gastritis, watched a LOT of football and my Mom had her 80th birthday

  4. We watched two young men close our pool. Well, actually we didn't watch, because we feel guilty watching other people do work we used to be able to do more easily :-) We drove Emma to and from the park several times. And we're contemplating how we can con her into picking up the carpet of black walnuts that cover the back patio.

    Congratulations to Rosie! I remember the days of mouse, mole, and chipmunk carcasses being left at the door. We could use a new kitten, now that Gwen is indoors all the time. The rodents are taking over!

  5. We had a weekend where no one worked! A first in I don't even know how long.....

  6. Rose is a GOOD KITTY! Let her eat her kill - it's good for her! (And tastier too..)

  7. No mice, no pumpkins, I could sure use something for my hurty hip, wowed about Africa, and no papers to grade but my own. Our youngest was at YMCA Teen Leadership training camp this weekend, and I had the chance to remember why I like my husband. :-) It was a restful and fun weekend. Dinner out with friends, mani/pedis, and a movie!

  8. Sigh...I am having Autumn Envy. Nothing I would like more than to come help clean out the gardens (minus the rashes and bug bites) and go apple picking. It's still hot down here and had (oddly) been raining like crazy. Back to work in a big way so my schedule is nuts and I'm practically living out of my car. Still, beats the alternative...

    Glad you got a diagnosis and have a plan! Hope your knee feels better soon!

  9. Hooray for no gout! The other thingy sounds more manageable, really, even if it is making hopes for karate dim. Congrats to your athletes -- including Rose! Cleopatra has been slinking around the house in fear again. I thought she'd gotten used to the dog, even sat in my lap one night about 10 feet away from Moses who was just resting quietly, but yesterday she saw him running across the yard to fetch a ball or chase a squirrel and that set her off again. On the good side of it all, boy#4 was recruited to join the cross country team last week and Moses is keeping our youngest from the misery of being an only child.
    No way to top the news from Africa -- that is very cool!

  10. A good mouser is a treasure! I'm sorry about your joint pain. :( I hope the treatment is effective.

  11. Impressive! I'm imagining your little mouser trying to scare up a few mice with the huge lumbering Jax looking over her shoulder. Er, shoulders. Er, paws. Er, never mind.

  12. Busy time indeed with all the fall activities. And Heart of Darkness is a really good choice....:)

  13. Ah, now I've read back in time and know more about your knee. The whole thing sounds frustrating--esp the no running or karate parts!

    I was very good, btw, at skimming past the picture with the mouse in it. EEEEEEK.


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