Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a final fifth for 2014

Today's school-free day kicked off with waffles and bacon and 4 overnight guests, the kind of guests who pack in with sleeping bags and snow pants and basketball shoes and noise and laughter.  Once our house emptied out for the day, we got cracking on getting Mr. T his driving temps, picking up cheese and beer to bring to Iowa, and scrubbing the nooks and crannies that have been ignored since August.  I think I've definitely earned myself an early beer while I post the last 20 things to this thankful list ...

81. Patience.  The patience I've cultivated in myself and other people's patience towards me.
82. Good friends--my own, my kids' friends, our lives abound with fun, NICE people.
83. Efficiency. 
84. Wonky knee aside, my health.
85. The courage of those early Americans who settled this place and created a flawed, but clearly workable system of government.
86. Having very few wants.
87. And, as I age, it seems I have fewer needs.
88. Porches.  The front has a hammock and a swing.  The back is screened in. 
89. A lovely view from both porches.
90. I went to college and gained a lot of useful knowledge.
91. I never made a mistake so big that it wrecked me.
92. Mr. D and I are in an easy place where the fights are few and far between and the reliance is pretty mutual.
93. In-floor heating. 
94. Bicycles.
95. Cabin Porn. For those wishful moments.
96. Sheets with a high thread count.
97. Ceiling fans.
98. My friend Robin's son is healing from a terrible accident.
99. A private corner to call my own.
100. My friend Alice, who has taught me resilience, grace, determination and history.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope your day is full of happy people, plenty to eat and drink and safe travels if you're on the road like me!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    I am wondering about why you have to take cheese and beer to Iowa. They don't sell it there, os is it just because Wisconsin has The Very Best cheese and beer? :)

  2. WOW. You did 100, i am totally inspired! Thanks for sharing that, and thanks for sharing your warmth and kindness with us ALL YEAR :)

  3. Hope your day is a fantastic celebration of the blessings we are so lucky to have. Your students are some of the luckiest kids I know. Thank you.

  4. wonderful list! hope you had a great day yesterday and you are no where near a store today!

  5. #92 is just so amazing--totally worth sticking out the tough times for!

  6. All of them are wonderful, but #91 jumps out at me; I have soooo many students who have had or let one decision wreck their lives. As they try to recover, they continue to be wrecked. We are so lucky, my friend.

  7. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I enjoyed your thankful lists!

  8. That is a WONDERFUL thankful list.
    I hope you and your family had a lovely and happy Thanksgiving!


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