Monday, November 24, 2014

an honest fifth

I've got about 15 papers left to grade (because we totally know that if I bust my ass to get that done tonight we will get a 2 hour delay because of the snow tomorrow.  You're welcome in advance, everybody.) so here's a fast fifth of what I'm feeling thankful for before I return to the stack:

41. Snow flocking trees.  I mean, it does look pretty.
42. Shovels.
43. And boots.  Especially my brown leather ones that are super warm and comfy.
44. Perfect eyesight.
45. That validated, understood and satisfied feeling when a person next to you says exactly what you're thinking.  Especially when that thought isn't necessarily acceptable.
46. Travel.
47. Screw Iowa Writers Club--Nina Romano, MK Graff, Mariana Damon, Lauren Small.  Divine goddesses, each one of them.
48. A talent for editing.
49. Super-sharp pencils.
50. Earthy smells--compost, leaf piles, mowed grass.
51. Keeping my wind after a good run.
52. Since running came up, Disco.
53. Classical.
54. And Country music for when I feel a little red-neckish.
55. A real greenhouse from which I cut a bag of fresh spinach two days ago.
56. Learning to type.
57. Birds singing.
58. Crickets chirping.
59. ALL the BBC productions.  It's practically all I watch on TV anymore--Sherlock, Dr. Who, Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, Downton Abbey, Foyle's War.  Thank you, PBS. 
60. Pfft.  Who are we kidding?  Anything British, am I right, Jen?

Spill it, reader.  Give some more thanks.


  1. Thankful for 90% of life that presents itself to me. Pretty good odds. A special nod to wool socks warming on radiators in November and the perfect meal when you haven't had one in a while.

  2. My thankful list tonight includes: the smell of snow in the air (right before it snows), the smell of woodsmoke on a cold night, my 5 blooming Christmas cacti, friends who help me create a quilt, time to read, a husband who cooks dinner, sons who enjoy talking with one another, and approval from my insurance company for 20 more visits with my PT.

  3. Thankful for blankets. For the chance to get breakfast at IHOP at 6 a.m. this morning with my youngest daughter (this excursion was brought to us by our local power outage due to a giant tree down on some wires). Also thankful that the tree did not fall on anyone.

  4. I so look forward to the BBC series, but they seem to be over so quick when network series ( the few I watch) last forever. I don't see Call the Midwife on your list - perhaps my favorite.

  5. Don't frget Bletcheley CIrcle and Call the Midwife...

  6. BBC! Yes! Spinach too. And super-sharp pencils! Also, getting Christmas decorating started a little bit at a time before leaving town for Thanksgiving so there will be Christmas decorations already up when we get back oh my goodness I need a life.

  7. I'm grateful for the sound of the furnace. Not only does it mean a warm house but I just love falling asleep to that sound.
    Speaking of staying warm, I am thankful for my heating pad on my mattress. It is like a heating blanket but it is a pad that you lie on. It. Is. Awesome.

  8. i'm thankful for the snow we had when we were in MN and IA. I'll be pretty thankful Sunday when it reaches 70 degrees again here in Georgia.....


Spill it, reader.