Sunday, November 23, 2014

another tenth (or so)

Wisconsin for the win in football this weekend!  Four-fifths of the grading completed!  Getting to see The Great American Trailer Park Musical with good friends last night!  Not having to cook! A virtual book club with some lovely ladies!
See? Coming up with reasons to feel thankful can be EASY.

24. A nice visit with my family last weekend. Everyone seems to be in a good place and that pleases me.
25. Silly moments that remind me why life is special.
26. A good mousing kitten.
27. The wonderful lists my bloggy pals have left in my comment box.
28. Mercy and forgiveness from Jesus every day.
29. Snappy comebacks.
30. Springtime.  (I've already told you how I hate fall.  Now the rest of the country is starting to understand why Wisconsinites get weary of winter.)
31. BUT, there's still snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.
32. A fantastic adjustment for my high school freshman. 
33. The smell of sheets dried on the clotheslines.
34. Going barefoot.
35. A good church where hope is preached and everyone feels welcome no matter what their story or status in life.  Plus the music is good.  Trivial?  Not really.  Fellow church-goers get that.
36. A safe place to live.  The only excitement involves the occasional fire or car accident or rogue steer on the loose.  Happyland ranks as the safest town in our fair state--how's that for cool?
37. Obedient children.  I mean, they're not always obedient, but they are generally and I honestly appreciate that.
38. Even more, I love how my kids get along and love each other.  They are best friends and I am thankful for that every single day without fail.  It's a marvel to me.
39. My garden.  The stuff I grow for show and the stuff I grow for eating.
40. Computers that do calculations because as you now see, I'm not so great with math.  This list wasn't a tenth.

Spill it, reader.  Keep the thankful coming into the comment box!


  1. A good mousing kitten or cat is always something to be grateful for. I get so proud of mine when I see she got one.

  2. Our church has a Mass on Sunday night that is led by high school teenagers. The music is always upbeat and toe-tapping. I completely know what you mean by good music not being trivial.
    If only I could come up with those snappy comebacks before the conversation is over and the person walks away...
    Obedient children are my favorite. :)

  3. I love teen girls who say, "Can I have/give a hug, Mommy."
    Potato chips and clam dip (in very small doses).
    Reading blog posts on a Sunday night.
    Lavender-scented candles.

  4. Thankful for my sweet wife...our 22nd wedding anniversary is a month from today, Christmas!

  5. Thankful for a little snow and ice and a hot cup of coffee this morning.

    My texting teen giving me the low down on The Walking Dead this morning.

    An iPad to keep me occupied during road trip downtime.

    Ebooks and emagazines.

    Traveling with my knitting needles.

  6. I'm thankful my son booked his plane ticket to come home in December.

  7. I'm thankful for my SIL who found an old flip phone, charged it up, and drove 30 minutes to take it to my college boy whose phone stopped working. She's also taking him in for Thanksgiving because it's too far to come home to us for such a short break.

  8. My kids are THRILLED with the snow but I'm pretty grouchy about it. Here's to another 7 months of winter. Ugh.

    I'm thankful for your thankful posts. They always give me good reminders of little things to be thankful for. :)


Spill it, reader.