Friday, November 21, 2014

still counting

So many blessings--even on a long, drudge of a day when I had to confiscate a cell phone (and bicker with the kid about it, to boot!), bite my tongue when most of the 7th hour AP kids didn't read their assigned pages (I'd have gone off, really), learn all about gang symbols so I can ID them (who knew gangs were still a thing?), and haul home six folders full of work to grade.  Even with the frustrations, the bright spots included a piece of chocolate from a sweet girl in 3rd hour, the faithfully consistent, earnest efforts of 1st hour, my colleague across the hall who gamely accepted my prank on him in the spirit I intended and watching a guidance counselor ROCK it while she navigated a tricky problem with a student this afternoon.  To continue my annual list of things I'm so very grateful for:

12. Clementines.
13. A full pantry.
14. Slippers.
15. Three sons who always make me smile and still hug me.
16. Yoga.
17. Book club.
18. So many good books to read and discuss.
19. Windows.  (My classroom doesn't have any, so my appreciation of them has increased tenfold.)
20. OPEN windows.  Good grief, winter came early this year.  Early and harsh.  Have begun counting down to April when I can smell fresh air and hear birdsong through the screens again.
21. The woods. 
22.  The prairie and fields, too.
23. NPR.  (even though I had to turn it off this morning when the news made me too mad.)

Spill it, reader.  A few blessings.  What makes you especially thankful?


  1. I am thankful for teachers. And for the classical music radio station, when the NPR station becomes unbearable because the news is unbearable.

    I sympathize with you on the task of grading students' work. If it is any consolation to you, my husband is teaching a college class of 109 students. He is currently grading 109 exams (the test on the ethics unit he teaches requires hand-written paragraph-long answers). But then, it just occurred to me that a high school teacher, throughout one day, probably encounters MORE than 109 students and probably has to grade MORE than 109 papers.

  2. We just bought our first Clementines here! I love them, but not as much as I love my slippers. Working from home, I'm always fully dressed by 8 am - I can't work unless I am but I don't change out of my slippers unless I'm going to visit a customer.

  3. I count my blessings, and thank God for some things I am thankful for before I get out of bed in the morning and before I fall asleep at night. I am thankful for books to read and for open windows too.

  4. I'm thankful that you continue to blog; I'm thankful, too, for clementines and for that guidance counselor (whatever happened--it still sounds inspiring).

    I'm thankful for my thick, quilted blankie thing that has a foot pocket...especially after getting home from three hours at the annual Christmas parade downtown, at the end of which we had to wait almost an hour for the city bus to come by and take us home.

  5. Clementines! Books! YES!
    My husband, the grown-up kids and the cat and the dog.
    My Mom having a pretty healthy year in 2014 (and turning 80)

  6. My health
    my son's health
    the corner bakery
    the lady who let me go in front of her at the store

  7. my french press and Starbucks grinding the beans to the right consistency for the french press

    my husband who is tiling the backsplash today (maybe)

    southern winters

    gluten free muffin mix

  8. I'm thankful for hot coffee and a running furnace on this chilly morning.

  9. First and foremost: the pool at the Y with the perfect temperature water.
    My funny teen daughter.
    The joy of walking like a normal person.

  10. Clementines, those fried onions you put on top of green casserole, my family and friends and the two pups currently warming my feet as I cruise FB.

  11. Contrary to the above comment, I am literate.

  12. I am thankful for my sweet dogs and sweet housemate. For my coworkers and the fact that the semester will soon be over.

  13. Clementines made my list today, too. Those things are awesome.

  14. Oh, so glad to see your list! yes for clementines!
    Grateful for:

    3. great calm around our house, partly because my health insurance questions are almost settled THANK GOODNESS for Obamacare and because
    2. the wife had been laid off and searched for work all summer AND started her best most wonderful dream job 2 weeks ago and
    1. it is retail and holiday season, my busiest time of year for making and selling art and man, things are exciting and good :)

    Thanks for asking, best wishes to you!

  15. Clementines YES!, blogging friends, book clubs, warm socks, half-and-half in coffee, homework done, pajama pants.

  16. My feet have been cold lately so I am thankful for cute socks. Ooh, Gary, congratulations to your lovely Missus!

  17. Yes, Clementines! I'll add bananas, SmartWool socks, reliable transportation with my radio tuned to NPR, coffee in my travel cup, and pumpkin pie (I made 4 pies on Saturday night; 1.5 pies were consumed at church yesterday and the family is working on the last one now on Monday night).

    Congratulations to Gary's wife!

  18. Fantastic! I love these lists. :)
    New pajamas and slippers are ALWAYS on my thankful list.


Spill it, reader.