Thursday, November 20, 2014

the grateful season

I couldn't find the wreath on which we've traditionally pinned our "thankful leaves" this year, but a bulletin board is doing the trick.  Team Testosterone seems most thankful for food products and friends.  As for me, my leaves included sunshine, a warm house and a quiet afternoon.  I'm spread thin these days, so I'm spreading out my gratitude over a few extra days to relish the process.  Let's begin this forsooth--to wit, I am filled with gratitude for:

1. Those hotel-sized bottles of shampoo which I've used in a pinch when I ran out of my regular shampoo earlier this week. 
2. On that note, great haircuts.
3. Only two work days next week. TWO!  TWO!  You have no idea how much HOPE that's giving every teacher at Happyland High right now. We breathe it like a mantra, having had no days off since the school year started.  Two day week.  Two day week.
4.  The Momvan still reliably starts and moves everyone from Point A to Point B.  She deserves an oil change and a tire rotation and I'm going to get that for her next week.  
5.  Really good teachers for Team Testosterone.  They enjoy going to school and learning.
6. Coffee.  Especially at 1:30 in the afternoon.
7. Mr. D going grocery shopping tonight and starting the dishwasher yesterday.  It's the little things, isn't it?
8. Indoor plumbingSeriously easy to take that for granted, but I try to remember to appreciate it.
9. Fantastic co-workers who have consistently been kind, welcoming and helpful from the first day I showed up to sub last March. 
10. This one is totally indulgent--SmartWool socks.  Last night my friend Diane and I were pleased as punch to discover we were wearing matching socks and we extolled the virtues of the SmartWool sock to our fellow Bumbles.  Warm, durable, totally worth the money.
11.  My friend Nick for Skyping me into a pretty groovy jazz session at a coffee shop tonight .


  1. Oh, my, you got my salute at "quiet afternoon" and Smartwool socks. I am way to crazy about Smartwool, to the point that I feel I'm compromising when I buy Darn Tough socks.

    Enjoy that two day week, my friend!

  2. Ah yes, so much to be grateful for INDEED :)

  3. Smartwool socks are NOT a luxury. I am currently engaged in a custody dispute over some of mine with my not-quite-teen. Guess what she's getting for Christmas?

  4. I am grateful every single day when my momvan starts.
    It really is the little things.

    Enjoy your days off!

  5. J4 is coming home for the first time since starting school at Nebraska. He has specifically asked to go shopping for underwear and "a bunch of smartwool socks". #southernboyatUNL (it's MOTR, btw).

  6. Good sox are one of the finer things in life and at our age and station, we are entitled to some of those fine items. I wear sox 24/7 and wear them out so quickly in the heel. I must learn to darn since mending doesn't cut it with sox, does it ?~! Congrats on a Two-Day Week; life's better moments come on days that include no work.

  7. Yes, I'm very, very grateful for indoor plumbing. The "Toilets Around the World" photos simply reinforced my feeling on that. I read your post from 2009, and just, oh, I'm speechless at how that day went for you, lo those long 5 years ago.

  8. I always appreciate indoor plumbing too. Because when the power goes out, we don't have it!
    Love a good hair cut. I have an appointment for tomorrow at a new place. I'm anxious.

  9. Enjoy your days off! I agree, especially in the cold months there is nothing like that extra afternoon cup of coffee :-)

  10. Smart wool socks are awesome. I got a pair for my birthday and I am definitely a convert.

  11. Two day week! Two day week! I have two and a half days, but it's still a break. The only challenge: planning for the following full week with only a two day share of prep time.

  12. A wonderful list! I love me some SmartWool socks! And isn't a husband emptying the dishwasher the sexiest thing ever? :-)

  13. I appreciate all those "little" things that my husband does for me.
    I wish I'd known how awesome SmartWool socks are when I only took a few from my mother's sock drawer after her death. I could have had enough to last me for YEARS. I'm especially kicking myself for not grabbing all the black ones, but I *am* grateful to have gotten the 6 pair of fun colored socks.

  14. YAY for a short school week! It is much needed by teachers, students, and parents alike. Whew!
    I second the fuzzy socks. So good.


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