Monday, December 15, 2014

raindrops on kittens

On Friday the school secretary called me to come grab Mr. G.  He had a fever of 102, headache, body aches and a side helping of cough.  In a frenzy I whipped together sub plans to cover the rest of my day and drove across the block to grab my baby.  (Yes, the block.  I drove across the block.  I work a stone's throw from where two of my kids attend school and in the same building as the other.  We keep it tight around here.)

The kid was suffering all right.  I tucked him into my bed and oh how he wailed, thrashed, moaned and cried.  Typical male, he was a miserable and complaining sort of patient.  It took him two whole days to get near normal, he spiked a fever on and off the entire time.  Naturally he passed along his bug to Mr. D and me. 

I could feel the edge of sick slicing into my skull when I brought the other boys to Friday night's basketball game.  I valiantly slept with Mr. G that night, allowing Mr. D the night off.  He tossed and turned and whined all night long.  The following evening I'd agreed to accompany a group of high school kids to Milwaukee to see A Christmas Carol and by the opening lines the headache and congestion started.  It was a magnificent performance (starring Jonathan Smoots!  As Scrooge!).  I enjoyed it so much while I struggled to keep my snuffling and nose blowing to a minimum so as not to disturb my fellow patrons of the arts.

By Sunday I was laid flat and by midday, Mr. D was right there with me.  We mouth-breathed a cough-fueled duet last night and I hit the medicine cabinet hard before going to work this morning.  This explains why, during second hour, I referenced raindrops on kittens in the midst of a hazy explanation about alliteration (I think.  I can't be totally sure.  I might have been rambling about the foggy, rainy weather).  The students exchanged perplexed glances before asking, What are you talking about?   "You know, warm woolen mittens and snowflakes on roses ... my favorite things.  How does that song go?  Or is it snowflakes on kittens?"  Ms. W, you seem confused.  "I do.  I am.  It's the drugs talking.  It's raindrops on roses and whiskers--that's right! Whiskers on kittens."

And speaking of favorite things, check out the most charming Christmas ornament my friend Molly gave me last week.  Don't you LOVE it?  Those boots won't actually hang on the Christmas tree, however, because that darn kitten of ours is so naughty and I'd weep if she knocked it down and broke it.  I only staged it on that bough for a moment while Rose was shut safely in the basement.  They dangle from a hook in my library where I will enjoy them all year long.  New boots.  Shiny, cunning new Wellies just for me.

Isn't the loveliest kind of gift the perfect, thoughtful and unexpected surprise kind?

Spill it, reader.  One favorite thing that someone gifted you out of the blue.  I'm off to take a swig of cough syrup. 


  1. I haven't read your post yet. I just had to say that I ADORE your header photo.

    ...AAAAnd I also see that photo in the post so I'd better go read about it.

  2. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will NOT get sick.

  3. Those BOOTS! They are the most perfect.

    Okay, and as far as this creeping crud goes, it needs to leave you *now*. You're needed: to introduce today's youngsters to Julie Andrews' Greatest Hits!

  4. THE--PERFECT--Wellies for you!
    Feel better VERY soon, GG~

  5. That is the PERFECT ornament! You are wise to keep it far from Rose's paws and whiskers and mittens and...
    Hope you are feeling better. That is a bad bug you're passing around. :(

  6. The boot ornament is awesome! I hope you recover quickly!

  7. What an awesome ornament! It had to have been made with you in mind.
    I hope you are feeling better very soon and that the rest of your family avoids the bug.
    I've had to dispose of a dead chicken while hopped up on Nyquil. Can't imagine teaching a class. Good luck!

  8. That boot ornament is darling.

    Edie's been walking around complaining of a sore throat, but saying she can power through. I'm really hoping it's not catching and it's not the plague.

  9. That ornament was definitely made for you :-) It makes a perfect header.

    I am finally feeling like I can breath, two weeks after getting this. I also ran a fever for two days --something I haven't done is years. I'm wondering if it's actually the flu? However, I did somehow manage to keep it to myself! Rob and Emma are still healthy!

  10. Ornamental perfection! The most perfect gift I got (but not out of the blue) is the college boy being home for a while.

  11. Oh you poor thing! There is some nasty sickness going around right now and it sounds like you all got it. Ugh. I'm impressed that you toughed it through school. Wow.
    I LOVE A Christmas Carol! I was in a production of it when I was younger. It was so fun. And the one in Milwaukee is legendary. I MUST take my kids to it one of these years. Love it.
    I love your ornament too. That is SO perfect. :) Very sweet.
    I hope you are feeling 100% soon and able to enjoy this festive season!

  12. Any surprise gift is one that thrills me. It fills me with love and gratitude to know that someone was thinking of me.

    I hope you all are healthy soon.

  13. Those boots are wonderful!
    As for sick, stay home when you can. I learned my lesson the night I left the ER saying "No, no, I can't stay. I need to leave sub plans." Taking care of yourself, contrary though it may seem, is high priority.

  14. Just love that ornament! Those are the best kind of gifts. At least once or twice a year my husband comes home with a few flowers he picked up at the grocery store. Just because. That's the best.

  15. Hoping you're feeling ornament EVER!

  16. That is what is known in the biz as a "perfect" gift. Lucky you! Happy 2015!

    P.S. I had that miserable cold for over 2 weeks. Ugh!


Spill it, reader.