Sunday, January 4, 2015

fluffy stuff

At last we got the snow we needed around here.  After Saturday morning yoga, I commanded Team Testosterone to shovel the driveway and then asked who was coming to the woods with me. Thirty degrees, no wind, fresh snow--seriously, who would miss out on that trifecta of winter awesomeness?

Mr. G and I bundled up and flew out--we've been cooped up too long.  We ran and tossed snowballs at each other with abandon until we hit the treeline.  The rain we got in November never soaked into the ground, instead it flooded the creek and the surrounding woods.  Now that water is frozen solid, the entire woods has become a skating rink. It's the most terrific and terrible thing we've seen back there.  Terrific because we have a 20-acre skating rink!  Terrible because we don't really skate.

In a strange turn of events, Jax followed us on our hike and since his hips are bad (and he's fat), we tried to find a path that wasn't too slick.  When that dog loses his footing, he's down for the count and the only way he's getting up is if Mr. D comes along to lift him back onto all fours--and that's no treat since a dog in pain is unpredictable and a little scary with its yelping.

Of course poor Jax went down just before we reached the grassline where it would be safe for him to walk.  Mr. G ran back up to the house to find Mr. D while I sat comforting our moaning mutt.  Our boy is 15 pounds overweight and lazy, so he's just begun a diet and we set up a walking schedule.  Jax hasn't willingly followed us too far in about a year, the trick is to put him on a leash and sort of drag him for his daily exercise.  I have to confess, I was surprised he followed us to the woods in the first place!  Here his compensation for voluntary exercise was to slip and land sprawled out, unable to get up. 

After a couple tries, Mr. D got Jax on all fours and we v e r y  c a r e f u l l y stepped our way to less treacherous turf.  Mr. D and Jax continued back home while Mr. G and I ventured further into the wilderness.

Glorious winter!  We knocked through some thin ice and discovered the most beautiful crystals beneath the smooth, glassy side.  A herd of six deer raced across the field.  We identified mice, raccoon, deer and turkey tracks in the snow.  We made snow angels and attempted a snow T-Rex (looked more like a snow blob) and we admired the patterns in the branches above our heads.  Mr. T came out for a while, too, and remarked on the perfection of the trees, the creek and the snow.  We skated, skidded and slid across the endless ice in our winter boots.

Today I'm achy and bruised a bit from falling on that ice.  I even bumped the back of my head when crossing the creek on a downward slope  (Mr. G and I actually had to crawl back up to get home, it was that slick!).  Jax has also recovered, he bounded up to greet us when we returned to the house.  I've no idea if that ice has any chance of melting before winter's end, but perhaps we'll get enough snow layered atop the ice to make it easier to move around back in our woods.  Whatever happens, it's a guarantee that spring will be a sloppy mess back there.

All said, we had a blast in the fluffy stuff.  I felt lucky to enjoy it with my sidekick. 

Spill it, reader.  Any winter trekking in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I would like to take a walk with you in the fluffy stuff. Poor Jax, I hope his diet and exercise work for him. Snow angels and and ice pond in the woods, good stuff. I covered our young lemon tree with a sheet since we had freezing temps last week, at night. Happy and Blessed 2015.

  2. That sounds like a delightful walk (except for poor Jax) --I always loved it when water flooded and froze in a park down the street from my parents house. Sometimes we could see down into the ice, with everything frozen in place.

  3. We didn't get any snow until today and the kids were ecstatic. It wasn't much, and the weather was COLD, but they played outside for a few hours. The past week's mild weather has been awesome. The boys have been riding bikes and we've been taking walks. Man, I really love this mild weather.

    Poor Jax! That sounds horrible. :( The one time he decides to follow you for a walk he goes and falls. :(

  4. Your trek in the snow & ice sounds exciting and invigorating.

    There's no snow here yet. Just the dreaded and messy "wintry mix" on a few days.

  5. I'm soooo envious. To have extreme cold (which we do) without the accompanying delight of snow, well, siiiiigggggh.

    Do you have a pair of YakTrax or ice bug type things? They make ice play ever so much more fun!

    Oh, and woot for DOWNTON tonight and your two-hour delay tomorrow morning!

  6. Gorgeous woodsy pics :) YES. Walking my own dog and just about everybody else's, I sure am trekking today and this week....

  7. Well, when you put it like that, winter doesn't sound so bad. :)
    Glad you were able to get out of the house and have some fun.

  8. Wow that is crazy. Hope Jax does well on his diet :-)

  9. dit is geweldig hier moet je intens van genieten.

  10. It's cold here, but there's no snow in the forecast yet. :-/

  11. We got dumped on here in Ohio. It is only 6º this morning and we have 6 inches of fresh snow to contend with.

  12. I hope you're feeling better. Falls on ice are nasty! I've been doing some snow trekking too lately. I'd like to get out snowshoeing sometime as well. I like that a lot more than XC skiing. Great pictures!

  13. Beautiful pics :D We didn't have any snow but I did have to scrape my windows on the car this morning ;D


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