Sunday, February 1, 2015

looking forward to bedtime

You know your heart's not in the game when you only look up during commercial breaks. Let's talk about other stuff besides football. I've got a couple hours until Downton Abbey starts.

What's new?

We've got a full slate of activity around these parts.  Our weekends mostly involve basketball or wrestling, some church and making the rounds visiting friends, which is fine since we barely have any snow which makes winter a bummer. I wish I could pull on my cross country skis or snowshoes and head into the woods, but there's not much point.  And it's been a bleak winter with so many overcast days. Thank goodness for yoga every Saturday and indoor exercise equipment.

I've been reading like a fiend.  My English 12 students are about to start their science fiction unit and we have a half dozen young adult dystopian novels for their reading pleasure.  Since they'll split into "book clubs" for this unit, I'm reading them all in case they have questions.  I've got two left to read, but the last one I'll read along with my classes, so that gives me a little breathing room. In AP we're about to launch into Walden.  You know how I feel about that. On the YA front, I recommend Legend by Marie Lu as my favorite so far. As a palate-cleanser between these depressing books I've got Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulks, really ripe stuff!

On a related note, we saw a lot of people pulled over by police this weekend while driving through town. I felt my gut clenching and began to worry that the police state is taking over, proof that reading too much dystopian lit. can increase paranoia.

When I'm not reading and planning the next chunk of curriculum, I'm grading papers in my spare time. Mr. T is learning to drive and we've spent some quality time together on the road.  He's gradually getting the hang of braking and determining when to turn at an intersection and when to use his directional signal. I keep my mouth shut and only mention the occasional pointer (like, "You want to stay off the shoulder, that's for bikes and people on foot"). He's begun helping with dinner prep during the week, which adds to how much I value him. He's a crackerjack chef when it comes to meatballs and tacos.

We got a new bed. A real bed. An actual bed with a foot board and headboard all properly connected together and a brand new mattress.  We used to have a metal frame with a flimsily attached headboard. If Mr. D or I rolled over, the other person felt the whole bed shake.  The mattress was springless and offered no real support. It looked ugly and cheap and worse than that, it felt ugly and cheap. You know it's bad when you can't wait for one of the kids to be gone on a sleepover so you can take their mattress. Or get all excited about sleeping in a hotel because of the nice mattresses.  So two weeks ago I grabbed husband and wallet and we drove to our furniture guy. Yeah, I have a guy for that, too. And his name is Guy.  Guy had bought the clearance stock of a Canadian furniture company and had king-sized beds in his warehouse on sale.  What we spent on our pretty new bed, we saved on not having to buy box springs.  Can you believe that kind of luck? Now every night when I sit on this amazing bed I feel like a queen.  The luxury of it!

That's not a picture of our actual bed, but it's pretty darn close. (I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture and upload it. Plus you know I'd never put tea on the bed where it would probably tip over and spill.) We even have two drawers in the foot board like you see above, which forced me to clean all the crap from under our original bed after this fancy new bed arrived.  Then I get rid of a bunch of junk I'd been hoarding--old picture frames, old t-shirts, a sh*t-ton of karate belts, that kind of crap.  The whole business resonated so deeply with reading Thoreau and "Economy." One of the two drawers is still empty as I type this. I plan to keep it that way.

A new bed, dystopian fiction, teen driver, economy. Spill it, reader.  What's new in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Good beds are the most important thing in life, I think. Amazing snow drifts are new here --first time all winter we've been hit hard. But it happened on a Sunday, so it shouldn't interfere with classes, which is helpful. Wish I could send it to your woods!

  2. Nice bed! The built-in drawers are brilliant! I bet the dystopian fiction is a nice treat for your students. My fifteen year old loved The Clockwork Orange and Lord of the Flies. Lately he's been reading a lot of Cormac McCarthy.
    Not much new here, but I have been on call for a total of 98 hours in the last week (5 pm-8:00 am every night and 24 hours/day all weekend.) A whole week of basically working 24 hours a day. Only three more hours to go. At midnight, the torch passes to someone else.

  3. If you are spending your days teaching Our Nation's Next Generation, then you NEED a good comfortable bed.

    Oh, I dream of having a bed with drawers! That looks beautiful. For the master bed, we have decent mattresses, but just the metal frame. No headboard or anything. The bed in the guest bedroom has a proper frame with a headboard (but no drawers). It was hard to find one for a double bed.

    Those driving lessons require nerves of iron. Good for you. My motto during that phase (about to begin again for us this coming summer) was "Panic inside, calm outside."

    What's new here? My daughter had friends over for sledding and hot chocolate. That hasn't happened in a while.

  4. What a beautiful bed! I would love to have under the bed drawers! Those under the bed totes aren't nearly so pretty.
    I actually relaxed enough in the car with our learning-to-drive boy that my mind wandered for a couple of minutes. Of course, it was a straight shot with no other cars on the road, but progress!

  5. Isn't having a nice bed AWESOME?!

    We've always had a nice bed, but for the first 17ish years of our marriage, we slept in a double bed, including all those months we had a baby co-sleeping with us. When we moved houses, we upgraded to a queen size and never looked back. And to think that back in college, we would share a twin bed.

  6. I giggled reading this. Congrats on the new bed. Sometimes you just have to do that. Indeed, sounds like a full plate at your house. Hopefully some snow arrived today. Get those boys outside! I envy that you know what you are doing in your teaching. Waldon. Probably need to spend some time on that myself. Missed the Packers in the Super Bowl tonight. Just had to bite my tongue. Glad it turned out as it did. Seahawk fans are stunned. Go figure. I'm thinking we know that feeling. Onward to a good week.

  7. A new bed is exciting! We have never had a headboard/footboard. Our whole 18+ years of marriage. LOL! We have replaced the mattress though.

    I have finally fallen into the Downton Abbey fan club. I'm on season three and adore it.

  8. I'm with the other commenters: BEDS are important, for sure.

    Thanks for the YA book tips, too...and I'm with you in being grateful for indoor exercise equipment this winter. Blah. If it's cold, I want SNOW, too. It's no fun, not being able to go out and play.

  9. 9 years ago we moved and ditched the futon for a gorgeous maple bedstead and serta (or sealy?) real mattress and HOLY CATS it is lovely--you get older and your back and neck and need for rest cry for it :)

  10. Ha! I love how paranoid you were after reading all your dystopian fiction. I am the same way when I read a good thriller. I become very suspicious of everyone. Todd always wonders why I'm eyeing him strangely. HA!
    A teenager driver! Wow! It sounds like you are the perfect kind of teacher. Very calm. Good tip about the shoulder of the road too. ;)
    Life is far too short to sleep on a crappy bed. There is one thing in life I insist on and that is a good bed. It makes a world of difference, doesn't it? I am so thrilled for you! A year after Todd and I were first married we got a decent bed. We went from a queen to a king and a nice headboard and footboard and an AMAZING memory foam mattress. I swear, my bed is now my favorite place to be.
    So glad you got a dreamworthy bed!

  11. I read way too much dystopian fiction. I am currently purging after finishing the Madd Adam series (Margaret Atwood) by reading The Age of Innocence. I'm enjoying it!

    Edie has gotten into Downton lately - there's an Edith in it, so that's her hook, even if it is poor Edith.

  12. Have you read Michael Perry's book "The Scavengers"? A clever dystopian story written by a Wisconsin author. It would be an easy read for your HS kiddos, and I guarantee you'll enjoy reading it with them!

  13. A new bed is worth it's weight in gold. Well, maybe not quite... but close! Our newest mattress is the guest bed (aka, the bed formerly known as H-J's bed before he went to college) but I've resisted the urge to move in there.
    My baby is now 15-1/2 and received his permit last week. I fear for my van's shortened life already. However, it has survived 3 other teen drivers; perhaps there is hope?


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