Monday, May 25, 2015

of names and other stuff

Vehicle name update: I'm torn between "Sherman" and lethargically calling the new ride "the van" because that's what we've been calling it anyway.

We're T-9 days from the end of the school year, not that ANYONE around here is counting.

In other news, the new Avengers movie was pretty good. I liked immersing myself in the loud explosiveness of it. There's something to be said about that big screen experience.

This just in: I'm terrible at small talk. Perhaps I've always been lousy at it, but it's becoming more pronounced lately. We had a family graduation party over the weekend and my mind is still a little numb from standing around saying nothing much. There might be something wrong with me, I just cannot stand around a bunch of strangers and muster up conversation anymore.

Other true fact: the late frost killed everything I planted in the vegetable garden. Rats!

And finally: Muggle Quidditch. Wednesday. Broom up, AP kids! You've been sorted into houses and it is ON. (They were sorted with an old ATV helmet, I couldn't find my witch's hat ANYWHERE. Mr. T said it was kind of redneckish of me, but what's a girl to do?) I dusted off the old hoops (made of screws, scrap lumber, hula hoops, duct tape and 8 ft. tall garden stakes), got the quaffle and the bludgers ready and the Golden Snitch has been training. I'm pretty stoked for it.


  1. Sherman, the Tank, and quidditch... it's all good. I am sad to read about your vegetable garden. I had hoped that the winter scene in your header was simply there because you've been too busy to change it.

  2. I love you even more for your inability to make small talk. Small talk is the stuff of regrets and hours you wish you had back. So often, I'm at a "function" and want nothing more than to creep away and read in the car.

    I liked the new Avengers movie, too--am wondering now if the new Mad Max is something I can take my 12-year-old to...or if it's too intense.

  3. I know, 2 late frosts here dangitall....

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your garden. It does seem that a planted garden is just looking for a way to die. Is there time to plant anything new?
    You are an awesome teacher. There is nothing wrong with some redneck fun, as long as you don't bring moonshine. :)

  5. Bummer about the garden. The only gardening I'm doing this year is three large containers on the back porch. Everything looks great right now, but there's a good chance it will all die while we're on vacation next month.

    I'm with you on the small talk with strangers. I don't even want to make the effort.

  6. Garden fail happens to the best of us.

  7. Sherman - woot! (It's the little things, man.)

    I went to see the Avengers last week - by myself! I enjoyed it so much that I actually briefly considered going to see it again over the weekend. I agree that seeing it on the big screen enhances the experience.

    I've gotten much better at *making* small talk in the last few years, but internally I am always bored senseless by it. There's only so much blah blah blah about the weather that I can endure.

    Odd, since Vince Vaughn is one of my secret boyfriends, but I've rejected The Internship several times in favor of other movies On Demand. Now that I've seen this clip, it's going to the top of the list.

    The Quidditch game sounds amazing!!

  8. Sherman is a great name :-)

    Small talk kills my brain. I just avoided a get-together a couple of nights ago because I knew that's what it would consist of. Give me a few good women and good, gritty, conversation. Otherwise give me a good book.

    I was just going to tease you about needing to change your header, but now I'll slink away in shame.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your garden. Do you have the time, energy, or subservient minions to replant it?

    Small talk, the bane of an introvert's existence. Yet I find that I need small talk to allow me to feel my way around the edges of the other's personality. Can I trust this person? Should I reveal my deeper self? Or should I just leave it at the level of small talk? But yeah, if small talk has to continue for an entire evening, then I am outta there.

  10. I also hate small talk.

    I like the name Sherman. It's different.

  11. I like Sherman too!
    I suck at small talk, and I also resent having to make it. It seems like such a waste of time and whenever you're engaged in small talk, the other person often seems as desperate to get away as I do. Why are we so afraid to be silent?

  12. Naming is good. Our GPS is named Gert. That way when my wife swears at her for choosing "the wrong way" its more personal....:)

  13. Small talk - it's an art. I'm not all that good at it, either. My hearing loss puts me at a disadvantage, too. I have to work to hear conversation when there's a crowd, so I tire easily.

  14. I like Sherman ... but then again, I'm a Seahawks fan. We call our van "Vanny". Pretty original, huh? And then there's "Jeepy" and "Trailee". Haha! That's what happens when you let kids pick out names.

  15. Sherman is a good name for your vehicle, it makes me think of a Sherman Tank. I don't care for small talk either.


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