Monday, July 27, 2015

beach read giveaway

It's sweltering and I spent most of Sunday hanging out in a hammock reading a book (The Long Way Home by Louise Penny--sublime. I wept at the end.).  A genuinely fantastic use of sultry weather, I rocked gently with my feet up and made no apologies for my sloth.  My hammock is on the southeast corner of our front porch, surrounded by flowers, always in the shade, and the constant breeze keeps it pretty bug-free.  There's no finer place to enjoy a book. Today I trekked a couple hours north to deposit a truckload of teenaged boys to summer camp and on my way home I jammed out to Barry Manilow at full volume. There's only one radio station when one travels that far north, so Manilow's Greatest Hits CD got me back home and between "Mandy" and "Even Now" when I paused to catch my breath I found myself wondering whether he was, in fact, married and did I read correctly he'd married a man?  "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..."  Driving along I couldn't for the life of me recall ... but I sure remembered all the words to his songs.

But back to the reading. A staple of summer fun includes a great beach book. Fortunately for you, I've got just the thing:

Doesn't the cover SCREAM "Awesome Beach Read?"

Stone Harbor Bound by Madeleine Mysko is Bridle Path Press's latest offering and I finally got to read it a couple weeks ago. The setting is Stone Harbor, New Jersey, a charming beach town where generations of families visit year after year.  It's described so exquisitely I could taste the sweet tang of peach ice cream sold at the stand downtown and feel the grit of leftover sand between my toes and flip flops.  The story is a hopeful one, characters who've lost their way converge upon this spot to find themselves, love and happiness. "We have arrived, Gallagher children!"--you'll discover yourself riding along in the backseat and vicariously experiencing the journey to the seashore between the pages of this lovely book.

I had the pleasure of meeting Madeleine Mysko last month while I was in Baltimore with my writing group. She's elegant, articulate and intelligent.  Madeleine definitely understands the craft behind good writing and her work is considered and graceful.  There's a lot of poorly edited, random slop out there peddled as "literature" and "good reading," trust me when I tell you Stone Harbor Bound is a good read. You can order your own copy (I gave you the link) for the price of a movie ticket (but this book will offer you three times the enjoyment of anything currently playing, so it's definitely a better deal) OR you can enter my giveaway to win an autographed copy of this Fabulous Beach Read.

How do you enter? Easy--each comment in the comment box all week is your chance to win. I'll pick a lucky winner on Monday and mail out the book.

Spill it, reader. Where's your favorite summer reading spot?

And BTW, Barry did marry Garry. I looked it up when I got home because my curiosity was KILLING me.


  1. That is a great recommendation and how nice to have met the author.

  2. Your day sounds absolutely lovely. And having just read a book that got excellent reviews online with loads of holes in it, I totally know what you're talking about. Consider me IN.

  3. What kind of Fanilow are you if you had to look up info about the nuptials? Tsk, tsk, tsk. But I agree with you wholeheartedly - there is no road trip music like Barry!

    Also? Thanks for the book recommendations! Now, if I just had a hammock ...

  4. Right now my favorite reading spot is my bed because Georgia is just stupid stupid stupid hot.

    Just spent the day reading Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians for the first time. So good.

  5. Sounds like a great read. I would love to win. Keep enjoying your porch.

  6. Your reading spot sounds absolutely marvelous! I need to create one for myself! I don't have a favorite reading spot. Most of my reading happens in bed before I go to sleep or in my car waiting for a child to come out of practice.

  7. Sounds like a great book! I hope I win!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  8. I love Louise Penny and if you like Madeleine Mysko I'm sure I will too.

    I keep looking at hammocks but don't know where I'd put one. The last few weeks my favorite place to read as been at our local beach watching the visiting grand girlies swim.

  9. I love reading and my favorite spot to read is on my deck! in the sunshine when it's not too hot, otherwise I find a shady spot.

  10. LOVE that you were jamming with Barry! I've been a Fanilow for decades but don't listen to him much these days.

    My very favorite summer reading spot is a beach chair, toes buried in the sand, with canopy above me to keep off the sun. Since I live in Nebraska, though, I settle for any shaded spot with a nice breeze.

  11. I was just going to comment that I had, in fact, covered Barry's marriage on my blog and hoped you'd learned of it there! Heh-heh.

    So glad I read this post, as I'm despairing for a good book right now, one that I can get lost in. Watch out, Louise Penny: I'm comin' fer ya!

  12. I can't pick a favorite - I've read so much! In between my graduate classes (necessary for eventually renewing my teaching license), I've packed my Kindle with all kinds of reading material. A favorite was Kathy Miner's Colorado series, another apocalyptic slash dystopian series. Fascinating and scary - and that was just the first two, What Survives of Us and Where the Light Enters. I'm eagerly awaiting #3.

  13. I have enjoyed Louise Penny's books, too, including that one, and the way the storyline continues in each new novel. I have been to that part of QC, too, which is SO beautiful :)

  14. My favorite reading spot is on the comfy sofa, under the ceiling fan, AC blasting. Hot down here. I'd love to have a good summer book for August.

    Also, I highly recommend the Bee Gees for car singing. :)


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