Monday, August 3, 2015

a win!

Daisy! You Won the giveaway of Madeleine Mysko's Stone Harbor Bound!  Email me your mailing address and I'll pop it out to you.

I've finally discovered Laura Lippman, people. My friend, Lauren Small, has given me two of her books and over the weekend I cracked the first one open. All I can say is holy cow, she is good.  I really like the way she blends the characters' perspectives and the plot is interesting, but not gory. She writes crime novels, but this one is thoughtful and clever.

What else? I volunteered at not one but two churches over the weekend, partied like a rock star three nights in a row, tore apart and repainted Mr. B's bedroom (a task that involved balancing atop an 8 foot ladder because he's got the peaked ceiling up there) and cleaned the carpets because Rose has been making a huge mess all over our house.  She also made a mess all over our bed, which required a trip to the laundromat because king-size comforter. Ugh.

I can hardly leave you thinking about cat piss today, so I'll leave you with another opportunity to win a great summer read.  My bloggy friend Jocelyn Pihlaja who writes at O Mighty Crisis (and also bucket list item #17: Meet Jocelyn in Duluth) had a piece published in Martinis and Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! With a title like that, you know it's a funny, breezy read and it would be just the thing to entertain you while in a hammock, on a beach or in your favorite lounge-around spot.  Imagine yourself with this book in hand and a crisp gin and tonic with a thin slice of lime. That's what I'd drink, anyway. I'm not a martini girl, but in the summer a nice gin or vodka tonic really hits the spot. I enjoyed a very lovely gin and tonic sitting right here the other night when I partied like a rock star, as a matter of fact.

Could that cover be any cuter? Could I use any more italics in a single post?

You know the drill: each comment in the comment box is a chance to win this anthology (but no bottle of vodka, sorry! For that you're on your own.) and I'll pick a lucky winner on Monday.

Spill it, reader. Your favorite summer beverage. Let's hear what you'd drink on a hot afternoon with this book in hand.


  1. I would drink a margarita or three. Rocks, not blended. With salt.

  2. I'm in. I like Champagne and real grapefruit juice. With ice. And a straw.

  3. Margaritas for me! Rock, not blended, no salt :-)

    I hope Rosie's issue is not permanent. I've never had a cat that peed places other than the litter box, but especially a female?

    Looks like a very fun anthology!

  4. Favorite summer beverages in no order...
    Cold beer. I mean COLD. White wine, preferably vino verde, a nice New Zealand style Sauv Blanc or a nice Pinto Grigio. Watermelon margs, rocks, salt. G&T with two limes. Even better if I took the time to infuse the gin with lavender. Mojitos. Mint Juleps. A nice dry rose. Prosecco.

  5. Congratulations to Daisy! Better a book than cat pee, any day of the year. (Yikes!)
    I've been enjoying sangrias this summer, but margaritas on the rocks also sound lovely. Or a lemon drop. Mmmmm.... a lavender-infused vodka tonic sounds lovely, too. I wouldn't turn down a cold Leinie's grapefruit shandy.

  6. I have been into Sauv Blanc this summer. I have been looking for another book to start and this one looks funny!

  7. Whoa, and holy crap: dudehoney, you gave me amazing shout-outs. I'm having to slap my arms here to be sure it's real.

    Yes, let's meet! And OMG, the give-away!!

  8. Raspberry lemonade - with some vodka, if I wasn't pregnant. ;)

  9. My favorite summer beverage: cool (2 ice cubes only) tap water with a slice of lemon, served to me by a waiter. Since it's going to be on a hot afternoon, the waiter has to be hot.

  10. Woo-hoo! Reading fun! I keep a pleasure-reading book in my bedroom at all times. It keeps me sane when school's in session, and during breaks like summer, I can read for longer periods of time.

  11. Favorite summer drink? Sweet tea or iced coffee. I also love a good Captain and coke once in a while too.
    Well, I'll certainly comment. I love books! :)


Spill it, reader.