Sunday, August 30, 2015

flash of gratitude

I decided that if I can't compose long, thoughtful posts, I'll go for the occasional gratitude list.  This practice will keep me in a better state of mind by allowing me to pour out and focus on the blessings, which benefits my mental health, AND it will keep any interested readers still lingering around this place sort of apprised on what's new in my world.

Mr. T had a great first cross-country race, setting a PR. This year should be huge for him and he's coming home pretty excited from his practices.  Mr. B's first meet is this week, so stay tuned. I love watching my kids participate in activities they enjoy.

While at the doctor's office for annual physicals I had to again defend my children's low birth rate. Yes, I feed them anything they want. No, I do not force them to exercise nonstop. As we waited by the desk, I encouraged the boys to help themselves each to a Dum Dum sucker in the jar. Mr. T pulled what he thought was a mystery flavor and it was BACON. Bacon flavored suckers. Amazing!
 Bacon Dum Dums Lollipops

The fields are abloom with goldenrod and the first leaves are turning color. The crickets have cranked up their song.

Okay, this doesn't really count as being grateful, but I have to add it in: our high school building smells jack-nasty. And it's not just parts of it, the entire building has a sweaty feet-B.O. FUNK to it and I'm seriously concerned about the air quality. The entry way, halls, classrooms--no single place smells neutral, let alone pleasant. Plus, there are NO windows to ever give it proper ventilation. I might be super-sensitive because I keep our windows open all the time, but am I the only person gagging?

My in-service meetings were all shorter than planned and the guest speaker (Civility in the Workplace) was really good. I like it when I can take away useful things from a meeting. I love it when people don't waste my time.

Cherry tomatoes + chickpeas = best summer salad.

Mr. B declared his goal of getting all A's this year. The other two are also looking forward to school starting, which tells me no one has regrets about how they frittered away their summer vacation.

The raspberry canes I moved are thriving. The greenhouse is nearly cleaned out and ready for fall planting. The blackberry bushes I planted this spring all survived. The pumpkins were a fail, but I'll stay focused on the positive.
row of raspberry canes

parade of pets that follows me wherever I go. sometimes I walk in random circles just to see if they'll keep following me around. they will. I feel like a parade marshal.

The pears keep coming. Last evening while I sat on the porch talking to a friend, Mr. T and Mr. G took turns chucking them as far as they could across the yard. Good thing it will rain soon, we have pear mash all over and it will be Wasp City. Wait, where's the gratitude in this part?

I finished the Laura Lippman book and actually had time to start a Maisie Dobbs mystery before my book club book arrives. Have I mentioned that I've gone nearly TV-free this summer? The only notable exceptions are Masterpiece, reruns of Modern Family and the occasional Brewer game. As I've stepped away from the screen, I find I hardly miss it and have more time for other pursuits. I also find that I have no clue what else is on or going to be on, consequently no clue what I might be missing, but that's okay with me. 

Spill it, reader. Some gratitude or your thoughts on watching TV. Or animal parades. Whatever's on your mind.


  1. I am so pleased school has recommenced and I don't care how they smell, as I do not set foot in either.

  2. I like it when people use the word "apprised." I will be happy to be kept apprised of what's going on with you, whenever you have a moment to share it.

    I am grateful for a lot of things - that school has started again; that my husband has taken my youngest daughter for her driving lesson today; so much more, but I'll leave it at that.

    A whole building smelling like that means trouble, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe there is a smelly basilisk lurking behind the walls? When the smell goes away, then you can be grateful for that.

    We only have netflix, for TV. We've been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls.

  3. I was wondering about the state of your pear overwhelmage was going. Now I know.

    Good for Mr. T on his PR! Allegra had the same thing this week, which means she'll be running Varsity at this week's meet--a first on her talented team of 120 runners--so she's properly nervous.

    All hail kids going to back to school: it's a huge source of gratitude.

  4. Grand marshall of the pet parade! I will happily watch that over most of what is available on television. Our TV is usually firmly in the "off" position, although we might watch a movie tonight that my husband checked out from the public library.
    I'm grateful that we survived the 16yo driving in the dust storm yesterday and that we spent time with his grandparents this weekend. I'm not sure how I feel about school starting tomorrow.

  5. I'm so grateful that my daughter is home safe from her summer job in Switzerland.

  6. Go Mr. T.!

    My kids are scrawny too, but my pedi always says better than the alternative.

  7. The only television that's watched at our house lately is by me, watching a show through Amazon Prime or Netflix on my computer. Our actual TV hasn't been on for many months now. Emma's screen-time seems to involve scrolling through teen tumbler accounts, instagram, and communication via text with Drew. When she's actually with Drew IRL, phones and computers are left behind. Yesterday they got into the pool --the water is only 72 degrees right now (cold nights) and the air temperature was only 75!

  8. We get the animal parade in the morning...where's my food, they cry as they follow us around.

  9. You might want to reread that line about your kids low birth rate...are you saying the doctor wants them to have more kids or perhaps they are thin? :)

  10. My mobile died, so I find myself curling up in bed with a good book with no distractions at night. I've read four books this week! (Okay, so there was a beach trip that helped with that, but still....)

  11. This is a fantastic list! It put me in a great mood, so thank you for that. :)

    Congrats to Mr. T! That is fantastic! And good luck to him this weekend!
    My oldest is a skinny mini too. I can pick him out at football practice based on his skinny little legs. Someday he (and your boys) will be very thankful for that thin frame. ;)

    Why doesn't your high school have windows? What the heck? Can you bring in air fresheners?
    Good for Mr. B! I love that attitude towards grades. Joey told me his goal is to get on the honor roll every quarter this year. What good boys we have! :)
    I have SO MANY tomatoes right now. My plants are insane. And I am currently pretty obsessed with chickpeas on my salads. SO good.
    Summer tv is meh. I am waiting somewhat impatiently for Survivor to start. My all time favorite show. Meanwhile the kids and I watch stuff like Tiny House Hunters, American Ninja Warrior, and Naked and Afraid.

    Hope you have a great week!

  12. I'm sure I could take some of those pears off your hands - or off your trees. If you're desperate, that is. :)
    My raspberries are starting to come back, too - those that I salvaged before the garage replacement began. It's fun to look at them and think "future fun!"


Spill it, reader.