Thursday, August 6, 2015

gratitude this week

It's been a weird week. My middle kid is sick (allergies, swimmers ear, sinus infection), my grandma died (it's fine--she was 93, had lived a great life, she was at peace when it ended), weekend plans that were forever in the making have been disrupted, I'm bouncing from task to task and not feeling like much is complete. Plus turning the calendar page to August always damages my psyche. I need to change my mental state from discontented to thankful, so here's a little list  of things I'm grateful for, written to boost my attitude:
1. The doctor gave Mr. B pills, spray and drops to cure all that ails him.  The cure is kicking in.
2. Iced coffee.
3. Some interesting (and humorous!) discoveries while cleaning out grandma's house.
4. Prairie flowers.
5. Always finding my sunglasses.
6. A lovely landscaping job by the shed.
7. Yoga class.
8. Bike rides.
9. Winning a prize from the adult summer reading program at our library!
10. Kind friends.
11. Mr. D's support.
12. Dinner with friends who really made us laugh Tuesday night.

Don't forget, I'm also giving away a copy of this book

next week to a lucky winner. Every comment in the comment box is a chance to win--spill it, reader. Some gratitude.


  1. Thankful my boys got the teachers they wanted this year. School starts Monday!

    Sorry about your grandmother but glad it was a peaceful resolution.

    Congrats on the library prize!

  2. I am so sorry about your grandmother. I'm glad you have wonderful memories of her and some humorous finds in her house to keep your spirits up.
    I hope Mr. B feels better soon!
    Very nice thankful list.
    I'm thankful for cool nights for the boys' football practices,
    another three weeks before the madness of school starts again, my cheery back patio to sit on and read in the evening, and a little lie down this afternoon when I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

  3. We had back to school night tonight, and I'm so grateful that my kids have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school. It really is an extended family for us.
    Glad the sick one is getting some relief.
    I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. While she did live a long, full life, it's still a bit sad for those who loved her. My grandma is 90, and I'll be a mess when she dies.

  4. Grateful: it has been a beautiful summer and what afflicts your son also has me in its grip, BUT the allergist is giving me a bag of drugs to cope :)

  5. I'm grateful for my gal writing letters home from camp this year. She's having a swell time AND letting us know.

  6. August is a strange month --hot and dry summer weather really kicks in, but the start of school is so close, which means that nagging feeling of things to-do hanging over your head.

    I'm grateful that the start of school will bring structure to my life. I love summer, but I'm always ready for some structure by the middle of August.
    I'm grateful for sandwiches with homegrown tomatoes. And sweet corn :-)

  7. My dh makes dinner for us almost every night, the chance to usher for a production and see it for free tomorrow afternoon, the break from ultra-hot weather that has settled into an 85 degree normal, and this: "God's grace fills in the cracks of our brokenness."

  8. I'm grateful for yet another reprieve from something I've been dreading for over three years.

  9. My list is long:

    * a husband who is a true partner in household chores, cooking, and parenting.
    * teens who are old enough to handle some of the aforementioned chores and cooking

    There's lots more, but those are the big ones.

  10. August IS tough. I agree. It's sort of like hanging in there through more slow hours while gearing up for transition and then suddenly being slammed hard by the new school year...all in the space of a few weeks.

    I remain crazily excited about the book give-away.

    So YOU are at the top of my gratitude list.

  11. I'm grateful that my husband has finally seemed to have turned the corner and is not coughing and wheezing as much. It's been a loooong spring and summer.

  12. I'm grateful for my son-in-law to have gotten his first teaching job!


Spill it, reader.