Monday, October 19, 2015

fall five

Patience wrote my favorite post about fall ever.  Go read it. Fall's my least favorite season for many reasons (mostly because it's not spring or summer), but since it's Monday and October, I'm keeping my crabby rant short and snappy.
Green Girl, Mr. T and Mr G picking apples many years ago. Apples are one thing I like about fall. Football and the colors are the two other things.

1. My skin breaks out in a weird rash when I carve pumpkins. I can eat pumpkin without effect, but my skin cannot touch any part of a pumpkin plant except the cold, hard outer shell of the squash. And as Patience points out, "pumpkin" anything in fall is really not pumpkin, it's spices, and that type of deliberate mislabeling irritates me.
2. I live in Wisconsin and it's getting colder and colder and colder. Which means closing windows and doors on the great outdoors.
3. Sure, it's pretty outside, but have I mentioned how it's getting colder? Chapped hands, chapped lips, red runny nose COLD.
4. Short days and long nights equals depression and fatigue.
5. Everything takes longer because boots and jackets and gloves and soon it will take even longer because snow.

I get that fall is this big novelty season for other people who are all Yay! I get to wear a scarf and boots and inhale cinnamon! but for someone who has to actually wear said scarf and boots almost half the year out of necessity I say %&*! you, FALL! You suck!


  1. It does, but only half as much as winter! I went into my flannel nightgowns last months, counting on my fingers from September to May. Bloody hell, I spend more than half a year wearing a flannel nightgown.

  2. I love Joanne's opening line. HEE. I love fall, but in a wistful, melancholy way--the whole business of seeing good times shutting down and all. Okay, and this pumpkin business with your skin? WEIRD.

  3. LOL!!! Thanks for the shout out. And for reminding me about the chapped hands! My skin gets so dry in the fall.

  4. It's October and already my hands are chapping. What is up with that? Oh wait, I know what's up with that - all those cooking classes I've been teaching have accelerated the chapped hands. Ugh.
    I don't like fall either. I spent my weekend pulling plants in and cleaning radiators so we could turn the heat on.
    Although my husband pointed out the other day, I do get to wear my fabulous Talbots Leopard Print jacket with the rhinestone buttons, so there is something salvageable about the season. Pairing said jacket with my leopard print sunglasses and any of my beloved leopard print shoes and stepping out in public has my daughter ready to ground me. At the very least, confiscate some of the leopards so that I only walk around in no more than one to two prints at at time. Apparently three is making me look slighly nuts.

  5. I would love early fall if it didn't lead to late fall, which leads to winter. Winter sucks. When Bryan retires, we are going to spend our lives avoiding winter.
    Very weird pumpkin allergy you have there.

  6. Sorry about that pumpkin allergy. That is odd and annoying.
    I prefer to not inhale cinnamon; it irritates my nose and makes me sneeze. I do enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and other pumpkin treats, but I'll skip those "pumpkin flavored" coffees, etc., etc. I laughed out loud driving on a major arterial last week because I saw a Mexican fast food restaurant advertising "pumpkin tacos... just kidding!"

    My husband turned on the heat at home this morning, and the guy at work turned on the boiler this afternoon, so I've been smelling burnt dust all day, and my skin is suddenly dry. Heck, my eyes are dry. YUCK. Time to slather the moisturizer all day long.
    But I love the fall colors, crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and the smell of decomposing leaves. Call me weird.

    (Now I want to go shopping for some leopard prints....)

  7. Fall comes second on my list of favorite seasons but only because winter is completely detestable and spring is cold and wet and windy. I really only like summer. But fall is pretty, hosts football and MLB and the weather is usually a fairly gentle slide toward the frigid.

    It's been eons since I touched pumpkin guts but my skin reacts to raw zucchini flesh. I don't get a rash but if I handle cut zucchini my skin gets very tight and feels dry and hard for several days, even after multiple applications of hand lotion. We're delicate flowers, Greenie, it's our burden to bear.

  8. How strange about the pumpkin rash. One of mine cannot eat pumpkin right now so I've been making all the goodies with winter squashes and they taste the same.... With all the spices you mentioned ;-)

  9. Pumpkin makes my hands feel weird, too.

  10. I would amend that to "wear hat, scarf, gloves, parka 9-10 months out of the year"......

  11. (sheepishly) I like fall. (slips away, hides)

  12. I'll admit, I do love Fall but I really don't like the cold and everything that goes with it!

    I hope it's warm enough on Halloween for you all to have fun without scarves and boots!

    Stay warm!
    xo jj

  13. Ha!
    I love what comes after Fall even more than I love fall!
    Bring it, Winter!

  14. - oh, and I can't touch pumpkin guts either.


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