Saturday, November 21, 2015


Confession: for the first half of my life I couldn't imagine having kids. In this second half I can't imagine life without the little buggers. They're goofy, messy, affectionate, interesting and entertaining. This morning I watched all of them tromp towards the woods decked out in blaze orange, together as they often are.  It amazes me how much they like to hang out with each other. It amazes me more how much they like to hang out around Mr. D and me.

long limbs sprawled across couches: a portrait of adolescence.
I adore these easy years of motherhood, we rarely quarrel and I'm free of the back-breaking labor of earlier years. My offspring are house-trained for the most part now, able to self-serve in many ways and capable of pitching in with chores. Mostly I feed them, wash their laundry and engage in conversations about everything under the sun, from sports to religion to politics.

give a boy a screen and he won't move for the whole morning.
Recently they invented a game with note cards and a cardboard box. They wrote random words on the cards and draw them out in turns, giggling at the results. "Bald, evil, Chinese superhero." The oldest son is a little bossy, the youngest too competitive and clingy, the middle a bit hard-headed, but they complement each other, bending and accommodating each other's quirks. They wisely give each other space and grace as needed, never bearing a grudge.

shamelessly silly.
At the grocery store Mr. G will remind me to grab a Peace Tea for his oldest brother, because that's Mr. T's favorite. Mr. T will call Mr. B over to check out something new on Terraria, Mr. B reminds Mr. G to grab his praise-and-worship t-shirt for Thursday's performance at liturgy and advises him to keep it in his locker afterwards so he doesn't forget it.  Mr. B asks Mr. T about high school stuff, tapping his older brother's experience and wisdom. I was never close to my sister like my sons are with each other, their deep affection amazes me. They're so confident in their place, so secure knowing we have enough love to go around, that they don't compete for anything.

They make me proud. The report cards look good and we receive regular complements on their behavior.  Mr. T is trustworthy and possesses courage and sly humor. Mr. B never met a person he didn't turn into a friend and he has a million-and-twenty-three plans he's working on executing at any given minute. Mr. G is freakishly athletic and wicked smart.

I'm thankful for these great kids, for their common sense and intelligence and fantastic logic. Two days ago on our way to school and I reminded them I'd pick them up early because we had an appointment to process our passports.
Team Testosterone: We should go to Paris for vacation! 

Me: Okay. Why Paris?
Team Testosterone: Because they just got attacked, so statistically the odds are they're not going to be attacked twice. Plus, since they got attacked, security is tighter than ever so it's probably safer than ever.
Me: Good point.
Team Testosterone: And we bet a lot of people won't go there now because they're scared, so we'd probably get a great deal. Like half-price.
Me: You're probably right. 
Team Testosterone: Is the Eiffel Tower open? We'd really like to see that.

I dropped them off feeling pretty proud some of me has rubbed off on them. My offspring. I thank God for the gift of them every day.


  1. They have a wonderful dynamic, those three--like a storybook idea of "three brothers," swirling around each other, so distinct as individuals but so firmly committed to the pack at the same time. They are gifts to each other for their entire lifetimes.


  2. How great, to have three kids that enjoy each other so much. I find it interesting that both Rob and I had siblings we didn't like, which influenced us to have just one child. I love the idea that siblings can be good friends :-) Being a parent is such a fascinating thing to do.

  3. They sound absolutely delightful.

  4. They are great kids, with excellent role models.

  5. Oh. I. Love. This. Post.
    Love everything about it. Those boys of yours are so freaking awesome. As are you. Ireallyloveyouall.
    I found myself nodding along to all of it. This just is so much better than I ever imagined. Although my kids still do a fair bit of fighting (and I still yell too often). ;)


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