Friday, March 25, 2016

smug & snug

Spring break started a day early around these parts with a SNOW DAY. A blizzard bundled everyone out of the building Wednesday and when I rolled out of my classroom after breaking through the tsunami wave of paperwork on my desk at 5:30 (end of quarter grading, the budget, senior class stuff, plus a bunch of accountability forms mandated by the state all came due at about the same time), no one was left in the building besides me a few custodians. Apparently everyone else was out shopping for toilet paper and milk as one is wont to do when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Mr. D had called asking if I needed to go to the store, but I assured him we were stocked with enough carbohydrates, frozen pizzas and other essentials to last us through the next 48 hours until the roads cleared.

It's Day 2 of Spring Break, I'm still in my pajamas and so far I have:
*run 3.5 miles on the elliptical
*wiped down and cleaned out 3/4 of the kitchen cabinets
*run 3 loads of wash
*cleaned the living room closet (board games, craft supplies, decorations, tablecloths, etc.)
*generated 2 large boxes of miscellany to donate to the thrift shop
*read newspapers
*edited 67 pages of Carol Pouliot's new book (coming in November! stay tuned!)
*updated Team Testosterone's school books
*only worn elastic waistbands and t-shirts and showered once, no make-up, no hair product, and only pulled on boots when I went outside to shovel snow
*read blogs
*read 1/4 of a book by Penelope Lively (she is fantastic)
*made Team Testosterone clean their rooms
*updated the spring calendar with baseball games, track meets and practice schedules

I also watched the robins on our driveway. They are as big as softballs! They almost look like Angry Birds.

To sum up, I'm feeling smug in what I accomplished with my extra day off and snug in my pajama pants and slippers. We're celebrating Easter Eve with my sister and Grandma Alice and isn't Easter the easiest meal to prepare? We're eating ham, asparagus, rolls, potatoes, deviled eggs and pineapple upside down cake--half that stuff simply gets popped in the oven with no fuss, Mr. T makes the eggs and Mr. D's insisting on doing the potatoes this year.

I won't get after any of the yard work this break which is a shame, but at least I'll get the indoor chores done and have lots of time to read and play games with the kids. I didn't even bring home school work, I'm that committed to relaxing. Already my brain feels better for that decision. 

Plus, Grantchester starts up Sunday night!  Gosh, life is sweet!

Spill it, reader. What's on your plate for Easter break?


  1. A bit more spring in our break would be so nice.Shame on me for complaining, though. It has been an easy winter.

  2. Did you guys get a lot of snow? We got about an inch, but today all the spring flowers (crocus and scilla) were opening up to the sun again. That late March sun is sure a lot stronger than a January sun!

    We've already had our spring break, but Emma's started today. She spent it at her old school, visiting with her favorite teachers from middle school and a friend who's doing her freshman year of high school there. I'm pretty sure her only plans for the week are total relaxation.

  3. Enjoy your break! We're going out for brunch, so I'm very happy to not be cooking. Happy Easter :-)

  4. Sounds just perfect. I have to work a couple of the spring break days. Not sure what we will do the other days.

  5. Have a nice spring break and Happy Easter. I feel like I must have read Penelope Lively at some point, but I scanned the list of her titles and none of them seem familiar.

    1. I know, that name sounds SO familiar!

  6. That snow day was a bonus! I'm actually doing PR for my online school on Monday by appearing on a Milwaukee talk show. If the clip is any good, I'll share a link.

  7. Our Spring Break is next week and my better half will be taking the mini-me to visit his folks while I stay home (alone!!) and work. The office is hopping this time of year and I've got two free lance articles due that week, so I'm sort of looking forward to being able to focus on work and not having to juggle.

  8. Plans? More of same :) Best wishes for YOUR break, having a little nice weather!

  9. I haven't checked the To Do list yet from my retired English Teacher wife...:) p.s. I've enjoyed perusing your blog!

  10. We just returned from our spring break and even though it was an additional 3,000 miles on the minivan, I feel spectacularly lazy when I see your list just on the second day!
    Good for you, not bringing home work and truly relaxing the way you like.


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