Sunday, May 15, 2016

plus (a little list)

I've got several justifiable reasons to be crabby tonight. It's tempting to start grousing here and vent it all out, but in the interest of switching out my frame of mind before I tackle the final 10 AP Language & Composition essays of the season I'm going to list some good things.

1. I scored the fabulous Mrs. Jones for my sub tomorrow morning! She seriously rocks.
2. No rain in the immediate forecast.
3. Lilacs, crabapple trees, tulips and creeping phlox all blooming.
4. This book for sale real soon:

5. This fantastic fishing guide called me Friday about promoting it here!  (He's a peach!)
6. Eating asparagus and rhubarb and spinach fresh from our garden.
7. I got to watch Beverly Hills Cop on AMC last night all by myself in a hotel room.
8. The hotel room I stayed in was quite clean, spacious and at the end of the hall farthest from the elevator. And it had a fan that ran all night providing white noise.
9. Mr. G played baseball on turf all weekend, which means NO GRASS STAINS on his white uniform pants.
10. Everything P.G. Wodehouse wrote.
11. I thought my knee was going to flare up on me but it didn't.
12. Neither did my allergies.
13. Returning home to a clean house and full pantry.

There. Much better now.

Spill it, reader. What's on your plus side?


  1. I love lists like this. Seeking the positive is a great exercise. On my plus list: I planted seeds today! I remembered how great it feels to be outside and stay outside. Playing in the dirt - I love it.

  2. So glad about your knee, the upcoming book, the end of your school year, and what's coming out of your garden.

    You know what I've taken to using in hotel rooms? A white noise app on my phone! It helps me sleep so much better.

    Good things here? Final grades have been submitted, temps are supposed to be above 36 degrees this week, and I can get my hand above my shoulder when I'm warmed up.

  3. The sun was out this weekend and gardening happened! We spent some time hanging out with our lovely new next door neighbors this weekend AND I got to hang with some old girlfriends I hadn't seen in ages. Bonus - I got a nap in after getting all of Saturday's gardening in during the afternoon storm.
    And school is quickly coming to a close. Woo-hoo!

  4. I told my boss that I needed a personal day today to recover from graduation weekend. I love having a day off during the week, although I'm going to spend half of it running errands.

  5. Just adore that cover. I'm in MN this week with 4 Grands who make me smile, so my list revolves around them:
    Watching #4 win a hockey tournament and be named MVP;
    Watching #3 sing in Angelica Cantata concert at Philharmonic Hall;
    Watching #2 win at lacrosse and turns Sweet 16 with us here;
    Being the one to help #1 with his bow tie and tux studs for his prom, then invited to pictures with girlfriend.
    Just being surrounded by good, healthy kids who are smart and kind and sweat smelly and clean up nice!

  6. Always on the plus side are my days at the book store. I've got a birthday coming up and I see a little package stashed away so there's that to look forward to.

  7. Your new book, great job! Golly you do A LOT.

  8. It is raining again. This means the aquifer is getting nice and full. <3

  9. The perfect hotel fan? They are so elusive! That is lucky!

  10. K did a five day stint, Youngest graduated, the lawn looks pretty good!

  11. Whoohoo!

    On my plus side: the annual "girls' weekend" in the mountains with wine tasting, good food, and good friends from school days.


Spill it, reader.