Wednesday, July 20, 2016

family five

Some people (Common Household Mom and Spokalulu) posted a Family Five and it inspired me to write, too.

1. I received the call for jury duty (again). Two days last week, two days this week, one day next week. This has completely jacked up any plans I'd made. It also prompted a lot of questions from Mr. G. He wanted to know: What's the case? What happens if you just say "guilty" no matter what? Why do you have to be on a jury? What happened to all the judges? What do you say if you want to get out of it? Can you decide to execute them if they're guilty? Do you have to wear a robe and one of those funny wigs? Where do you go to be on a jury? What happens if you don't agree on the verdict? Do you have to say if they're guilty or not guilty in front of the person?  Jury duty has been educational for our family. The jury duty I got luckily excused from last spring involved a murder trial that lasted two weeks. So far I've gotten off of having to serve 3 days out of the 5.

2. Mr. T is at camp. It took him 20 minutes to pack for the week. He couldn't wait for a week off of his 40-hour-a-week-job and his cross-country training regimen. Everybody deserves a little break from the regular routine.

3. Mr. G and Mr. B keep filling the pool with friends and, coincidentally, emptying the fridge and pantry. Their baseball season is over now and they have 2 weeks free before middle school football begins.

4. Mr. D went to a golf benefit and brought home yet another wagon full of beer. (Actually, this year he told them to keep the wagon for next year and only brought home the beer.  He always seems to win this beer wagon prize.)  Most of the beer is micro brews from southern Wisconsin. Who drinks all the weird beer in this household? ME. I am set through fall with cases of beverages brewed by Capital, New Glarus, Ale Asylum, and Wisconsin Brewing Company.  I like the dark stuff best, so I'm especially looking forward to opening a bottle of this one:

5. I've been really good at sticking to my writing goals for the summer. I think it helped that I didn't set my weekly goal too high (as I am wont to do--I like to overachieve in the planning stages of most projects). I have a good sense of the big picture, which gives me a direction to go. The devil will be in the revisions, but that's often the case for fiction writing.

Spill it, reader. Something about your summer--beers you've drunk, books you've read, games you've watched, whatever.


  1. A WAGON OF BEER!! Score!

    You totally are in the throes of "life with growing boys," aren't you? The fridge always emtpy, the pool always full. It's like you're living a John Hughes movies or something.

    Something about my summer? We have two rounds of visitors coming this week, and then we fly to Europe and go on a river cruise of the Danube. At the same time? I'll be finishing teaching my summer classes. In short: I wish I had a wagon of beer to get me through the next eight days.

  2. The beer wagon sounds awesome! My dear husband doesn't golf, or I would sign him up to follow Mr. D around the course and learn his tricks.
    I am playing Pokemon Go. My semi-urban neighborhood is perfect for this game. Everywhere I walk, I'll see people of all ages holding their phones and enjoying the outdoors at the same time. Sometimes I put the phone in my pocket and only take it out if it buzzes!

  3. I got jury duty (for the 3rd time) again, supposed to be next week but I'm spending the week in Nashville helping my oldest daughter decorate her new house. She already took the week off work, so I had to ask for a postponement. Summer is usually a good time for jury duty because there aren't as many cases on the docket because the judges are on vacation. Unfortunately, they rescheduled me for September, so I will probably end up getting picked....they always seem to pick me. And it's so boring. So boring. Thank goodness I didn't go to law school, which I considered for about 10 minutes because the job market was so bad when I graduated from college.

  4. A year back into working full time, I am finally feeling like I have a handle on things and am seeing where I need to give more to myself. Reading and creating have suffered for sure. So I've started a little bullet journal in which I make little notes for myself, reminders, goals, etc. It's a small thing but is helping me prioritize my free time so that I do what I really want to do.

  5. Jury duty. Oy. I'm glad you won that truckload of beer.

    I have to say that hearing that a kid (I assume Mr. T is a kid) has a 40-hour a week job is heartening to hear. My kids didn't have much luck on procuring summer jobs (their success being directly related to their effort). But my older daughter did (6 years ago) but never was assigned more than 10 hours a week.

    Summer is the busy time for my work schedule but we've had time to do some fun touristy things. Going to a baseball game tonight!

  6. I'm feeling rather lazy. Spending my days reading, doing a little gardening, and getting up off my ass every hour to make sure my FitBit registers 250 steps for that hour.

    Oh, and it was my pleasure to include your book in my Summer Reading List.

  7. I have had the guilty pleasure for the past two weeks of being able to do nothing, not even bend, but read or watch TV. At night to spend time with Doc we binge on DVR'd Midsommer Murders, Endeavor, even Rosemary and Thyme. Daytime I've been reading up a storm, alternating a must-be-read review book with one I've been wanting to read. So far they've all been good! And I have had the pleasure of handing out five signed copies of ACROSS THE RIVER to friends, several of whom are already reading and enraptured!

  8. I had never been on a jury and so ten years ago signed up for several Cornell law school mock trials where students try cases and are graded. Real local citizens are asked to sit on the jury and given lunch. After 1 or 2 of these I went from fascinated to OK, got it, i see how this is done, enough for now! AND OF COURSE got called for jury duty at the county courthouse the next month. I knew to bring a good, thick book to read…..but what surprised me was that when the case was introduced I thought I knew how I would vote, but was convinced by the OTHER side during testimony etc….

  9. I stayed in New Glarus once for a conference at Epic. I really like their Spotted Cow ale.
    I'm dealing with jury duty too--only it's the federal grand jury, so my term of service is the entire year. We meet two days a month and indict people. I'm not released until next March.
    This summer has been crazy so far. Major car drama and now my husband and two of my kids are getting ready to go to Germany. I'm going to have the house to myself for more than a week. I'm planning to clean the hell out of it.

  10. My summer is way too structured and going by way too fast! That's what I have to share about my summer.

  11. I like your list of five; I have not been on a jury. I believe in jury nullification which allows a jury to set a person free if they believe the law is wrong or not being applied correctly.

  12. My husband would be jealous of your new beer stash.

  13. For jury duty, you deserve that wagonload of beer! While I love the dark, my treat in this hot weather is some Leinie's Grapefruit Shandy.
    Summer for me is mostly work, water exercise and PT (still) and icing/elevating when I'm not at those events. I'm bummed for my teenager who had planned on running 70 miles per week for XC but has been waylaid by the concussion.

  14. I read this once already and was surprised to see no comment from me... and then recall in hazy detail that it was late and I was tired and... obviously distracted.
    At home I've got a few Leinie's Grapefruit Shandy bottles in the fridge, but at the local nanobrewery there's some refreshing Barefoot Ginger (just enough ginger for a tang to go with that summer beer) when I'm not indulging in the really good dark stuff.
    My wagon carts photo note cards and beaded items to and from my spot at the market. I've been wishing for inspiration but finding it difficult to sit and actually work on things to sell.


Spill it, reader.