Wednesday, July 6, 2016

for laughs

It's hot, sticky and people are a little wrung out around here today.  Instead of becoming a crabass (like love, owlyness is a CHOICE, people), I'm giggling at a couple of things:

This extreme depiction of mother-shaming

I know I'm late to the Curtis Sittenfeld party, but Eligible is a HOOT!

This didn't make me laugh, but it made me happy!  I remember the jokes printed on the bottoms of the cans!   I grew up drinking this, but I guess I never realized it was a Wisconsin beverage. Mr. D never heard of it.

Speaking of jokes at the bottoms of cans, here's one for you: What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground beef!

I laugh, yet feel oddly connected to this:

Spill it, reader. What's making you chuckle lately?


  1. Wait, I think we had Jolly Good in PA!

    Portlandia always makes me laugh. (Nevermind Edie girl is convinced she's trapped in an episode.)

    Currently making me laugh - that dog. She's a little bit of a hot mess at times. Prefers to sit on the sofa when we're home but we go out and come home to find her curled up on her bed. She refuses to enter the kitchen for reasons we have yet to figure out. And she is so content to just lay outside in the front yard ALL day.

  2. My laughing is mostly done in a wry way these days by watching Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee on YouTube, although the dog in that Portlandia episode made me laugh each time.

  3. The mother-shaming article led me to another McSweeney's I hadn't seen: Airline Passengers explained by their pants. Funny!

  4. We are having trouble laughing today, but I'm glad I read this today: I'm in need of a book so I can stay off of social media. Eligible sounds just the ticket, and it's now on my kindle :-)

  5. Never heard of Jolly Good, but I grew up in Detroit and we drank Faygo.

    My kids introduced me to Charlie the Unicorn and that cracked me up.

  6. We had Jolly Good in northern IL. Totally forgot about the jokes on the bottom of the cans! Our big red lab makes me laugh everyday. He is such big baby!


Spill it, reader.