Friday, November 11, 2016

shut in for the night

Bra off, beer cracked open (a Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter, thankyouverymuch), banana bread baked--I'm SO ready for this weekend to begin. I'm parked in front of a Modern Family marathon and the gratitude therapy continues with tonight's list of sweetness:

1. The service of our military.  They make a huge sacrifice of time, health and comfort for the rest of us. HUGE shout-out to the veterans!

2. Awesome tech support. Mrs. L and Mr. R at Happyland High always come through super fast when things go on the fritz. My students always can answer questions like "How do I take a screenshot with my new phone?" and they don't even make too much fun of me for being a cute old person trying to figure out technology.

3. Receiving a super complement from my superintendent about my teaching. It was validating to hear his praise.

4. Watching my students give presentations and ask each other thoughtful questions while they tried to wrap their minds around some of the issues facing Wisconsin voters. This younger generation has some creative ideas for solving problems. And my AP students were positively inspiring with their enthusiasm for their Founding Brothers/Sisters arguments. Hearing an eighteen year old explain why they think George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton or Abigail Adams is AWESOME makes my heart sing.

5. Listening to the hunting tales from Mr. D, Mr. T and Mr. B now home from vacation. It's good to have all of Team Testosterone back under our roof.  Turns out the boys are crack shooters and we have a lot of pheasants in the freezer, plus one about to be stuffed? mounted? and delivered to display in our house (ew). Well, not terribly thankful for that, but I'll turn a blind eye.

6.  An empathetic partner. We don't agree on everything, but we agree on most things, and that's helped me feel better.

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