Monday, November 14, 2016

quick thanks

because I have to grab kids from basketball practice in a few minutes.
1. The sweetest Freshmen girls in Write Club this year. I adored them. Too short a meeting tonight, but I felt blessed by their earnest and enthusiastic attitude towards writing creatively.
2. A good report from the physical therapist for Mr. T after school tonight--he has some strengthening exercises, but is cleared for running. The exercises will actually help him run better, too.
3. Seeing my friend Cindy who was subbing in the building today!
4. Got to the bottom of my to-do list at at school and am this close to cleaning off my desk and getting all the stuff filed!
5. Super moon.


  1. That is awesome that you got to the end of your list. AND a clean desk!

  2. I'm massively impressed that you took time to blog! I'm failing miserable at it these days.

  3. Bottom of the list! Wow! That is an accomplishment. Awesome!
    And the super moon was FANTASTIC!


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