Sunday, November 13, 2016


Giving thanks this Sunday for some treats:

1. Skillet breakfast with my family that also cleaned out some shelf space on our fridge as we emptied a half carton of eggs, remainder of a block of cheese and leftover ham. Much less clean up than making pancakes for breakfast, too.
2. Hearing how God is at work in Kosovo from a missionary at church today which encouraged me. God works in crisis. He's got this, all of it, the whole planet in his hands. (Not that we can't help, and we are called, nay, commanded to do our part to love on others, but it's reassuring to know humans aren't really in charge.)
3. On the way home from church, Mr. B started messing around with my phone and connected it to the truck so I can have hands-free phone calls with some blue-toothy voodoo magic. Clever, helpful boy!
4. N makes the most amazing and ginormous chocolate chip cookies. When I dropped off Mr. G to play with her son, she gave me one she'd just baked.
5. Happyland High's production of The Wiz made me aware of some pretty impressive talent in our student body. I'm glad I caught the matinee performance and could see their hard work pay off--they really make do with terrible facilities, too, which is to their credit.
6. Mild temps and less wind when I got home, so I snagged Mr. D and we took a hike. What weather! We traipsed for a couple miles and it felt good to stretch my legs and breathe the earthy smell of fallen leaves. We watched the moon rise, an impressive sight this week.
7. Last night I finally watched Captain America: Civil War while ironing laundry. Cap and the gang did not disappoint, it was wildly escapist entertainment. 


  1. Smiling because you took a hike, ate chocolate chip cookies, and saw The Wiz (high school theatre is always so inspiring to me).
    I really appreciate the reminders that people are not in charge when it comes from a place like this.

  2. This weather has been amazing, hasn't it?? Love it!


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