Writing/Editing Services

I'm a Jill of All Trades kind of writer/editor, from fiction to meaningful website content.  Whether you're looking for someone to whip out an informative article, copy edit or dig into content and provide deep revision and editorial suggestions, give me a shout:  greengirlinwisconsin@gmail.com

I edit, produce newsletters, write website content and assist with any type of writing project, from business letters to novel-length manuscripts.  As a member of the Bridle Path Press Editorial Board, I've had a hand in editing novels like Choke Creek,The Blue Virgin and The Eve Tree.  I've also worked on poetry collections, like Coffeehouse Meditations.

(Referrals available upon request.)

Current projects include:  raising 3 sons, restoring native prairie and woodlands, Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet,  a 3rd degree black belt, a triology about a Wisconsin fishing town and a book about living a greener lifestyle.