Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picture Post!

When I was in high school the Picture Post was a vacation paper that was published weekly--all photos of people enjoying the lakes. Once a week the photographer featured a bikini-clad local lass on the cover. (I was never a cover girl, FYI--only the popular girls made it on. Bitter? Moi? NON!) The locals called the Picture Post "Poor Man's Porn." But I digress.

San Diego Momma has invited readers to "Open Your Office," by invitation of Manager Mom. (See how this bloggy stuff gets started? My goodness.) Anyway, here's where the magic happens every day:

I know, I know. You all envy the glamour of this spot! The window view, the prominent location between side door and fridge.

So then Minnesota Matron asked her readers to "Flaunt Their Fridge." What does this reveal about me? Ummm...I just cleaned it out, not for this blog either. My mother called last night and they're coming to town. And staying with us. This weekend. No stress. Really.

Let's look inside: Good mix of healthy food in there, gallon-sized maple syrup and a LOT of bagels. Guess we're breakfast people. Milk, eggs, butter, cheese--yup, we're in the Dairy State. A very, very old bottle of champagne that by now I'd be terrified to drink.

Go ahead, readers, share the love and Flaunt Your Fridges! Open Your Offices!


  1. Do I spy that you, like me, ALWAYS have a bottle of champagne chilled? Because you just never know when a celebration might be in order? Perhaps we were separated at birth.....;)

  2. Finally a fridge I can relate to! Must be the boy thing.

  3. I have cabinet, counter, and kitchen chair envy.

  4. I opened my office a few days ago, but the fridge thing... i'd feel to naked.

    also, a few weeks ago i was in a meeting with a fellow Minnesotan (both of us not living there anymore) and somehow we got on the subject of maple syrup and the necessity of it. actually, this came up when he took a piece of bread, buttered it, then opened a sugar pack and dumped it on the bread and butter. i said, "HEY, I remember THAT!

  5. I've got to give props to Manager Mom for the office thng, yo. It swept the 'net!

    And I love these little peeks into my fave bloggers' lives.

    Thanks for sharing. (My fridge is empty by the way. Not very responsible mom of me.)

  6. Holy crap! That's a big fridge! I can barely get a gallon of milk and a couple of cans of soda in my little travel trailer fridge... When I get back home, it sure will be a change!

  7. Green "Goil" (that's girl in Brooklynese!!!)--I love your messy as mine...and here I thought you were a neatnick in everything!!! By the way, I am the veritable Queen of 3 Exclamation Points!!!

  8. Man - both places - my home office and my fridge are in SAD shape. Actually, the word office is laughable. Its my home spare tiny bedroom/linen closet/scrapping nook/computer room. And my fridge? Eeew. I couldn't share - you'd think less of me. :o|

  9. I would have to clean either one, so I'm going to just stare admiringly at your clean fridge!

    That's on my list of chores for tomorrow. Where I bumped it from the list of chores from today. And yesterday.

  10. Mon Cheri,
    C'est magnifique, j'aime le Champagne, c'est delicioux, pas de problem!

    Au revoir mon amie,

  11. Oh... I am DROOLING over your fridge porn.

    And thanks for the shout-out!!!

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